22 Jan 2014

LBJ: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Recently people in the media have marked the fiftieth anniversary of Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty. That is what is remembered, by them. Most people in the mainstream media are Democrats, of a sort. They tend to forget about Johnson’s role in Vietnam, though not always. They really have forgotten

28 Nov 2013

Wolf hunt in da U.P. eh?

A limited hunt of gray wolves has gotten underway in the Upper Peninsula(UP), after years of delays due to lawsuits brought by environmental groups. For years farmers and hunters have complained about wolves preying on livestock and attacking deer. The Fish and Wildlife Service estimates there are 658 wolves in

14 Nov 2013

Kennedy the Conservative

In an article published in the Oct. 13, 1952 issue of The New Republic, Harvard teaching fellow and later Smith College professor John Mallan related what Rep. John Kennedy said at a Harvard University gathering that took place two years earlier. Mallan, who was there in attendance, said Kennedy told

10 Aug 2013

What Causes Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)?

Environmentalists say that CCD is caused by neonicotinoid pesticides. They point to a study that comes to this conclusion, and they have a friend in the mainstream media, which is highly sympathetic to their anti-pesticides bias. But is there really a consensus that neonicotinoids cause CCD, or even pesticides of

14 Jul 2013

Did Martin act out of anti-gay animus?

When Trayvon Martin punched George Zimmerman in the nose — and probably on his head — and banged his head on the pavement, was he motivated by anti-gay animus? “Here is a sampling of the questioning from the defense yesterday: ATTORNEY: Trayvon Martin saying creepy ass cracker and using the

01 Jan 2013

Who gets taxed by the estate tax?

In his recent blog post ‘Conceder in Chief?’ from Dec. 31 — see the Update, Paul Krugman bemoans the deal that’s been made on the estate tax, which reportedly keeps the exemption amount the same, at $5 million, and raises the rate from 35 percent to 40 percent. According to Krugman,

21 Dec 2012

Some thoughts on Michigan’s ‘right to work’ law

In a recent diary, Michelle discusses Michigan’s new right to work (RTW) law. She paints a picture of police and firefighters unions as awakening to a new workers’ consciousness. In Michigan, police and firefighters unions have been left out of the anti-union legislation just signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. Michelle

30 Nov 2012

How violent is South Africa?

In her article ‘Farm murders highlight apartheid’s toxic legacy in South Africa’ for Reuters, dated November 29, Olivia Kumwenda writes that, “While South Africa’s overall annual murder rate has more than halved since the end of apartheid to around 32 people per 100,000, figures for commercial farmers show a near 50 percent

19 Nov 2011

Barron Lerner, MADD, and other musings

In a piece on Thursday(see ‘U.S. Behind The Curve In Drunk Driving, Author Finds), public radio interviewed Barron Lerner, a doctor who’s plugging his new book called “On the Road,” about drinking and driving. Lerner said he tried an experiment on himself to see how many drinks it would take

16 Oct 2011

War of 1812 film tries to rewrite history

PBS’ two hour take on the War of 1812, with its impressive production values, hosts a bevy of Canadian commentors, and features as its main authority on the war, British historian Andrew Lambert. The only real American scholar in a group of 25 commentators was Don Hickey, a leading expert