03 Mar 2012

Occupy San Luis Obispo: Day 135

The story of an occupation that lost its way. When Occupy San Luis members arrived at their tent location in front of the county courthouse Saturday morning they found the site vandalized and nearly destroyed. Saturday’s General Assembly was supposed to deal with the issue of whether to continue having

29 Jan 2012

Occupy S.L.O. Day # 100: The Occupy State of Mind

As I write this post Occupy S.L.O. stands at 103 days. On day 100 the Occupiers staged a seven hour celebration, discussion, reflection marathon, interspersed with food and music, at the courthouse plaza where our tent is located on Monterrey street. We mingled with curious visitors, passers – by and

08 Jan 2012

The word that dares not speak its name: Homeless in S.L.O.

According to Oprah Winfrey, San Luis Obispo is “America’s happiest city.” Occupy San Luis Obispo is 82 days old today, our Occupation began last October 20 on the lawn of the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse. In the days that followed the lawn area filled with homeless occupiers, The camp

24 Dec 2011

Occupy Solstice

Occupy San Luis Obispo is still standing as of Christmas eve (day 66). On December 21 the occupiers made a feast for the solstice. Here are reports from three occupiers. The Winter Solstice dinner at Occupy SLO successfully fed approximately 30 individuals, some of whom were part of San Luis

15 Dec 2011

We’re Not Going Anywhere

Occupy S.L.O. is located in front of the San Luis Obispo County California Government Center. We currently have about seventy regular occupiers. Twenty of these are homeless people who have joined the movement, as well as about fifty regular drop – in members. Currently there are marches on Thursday night