14 Dec 2012

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), time for you to lead the fight against the “Grand Bargain,” and the 1%

The inspiration to write this came from Ohio Barbarian’s excellent Post-Election Progressive Scorecard Update: Kasich 3, Obama 0 Based on my reading of DDay and Jon Walker, it sounds as though the odds are improving that at least 25 GOP House members in the lame duck Congress will vote for

29 Nov 2012

Pfc. Bradley Manning (2007 Baghdad Airstrike Massacre) Heir To Lt. Hugh Thompson, Jr. (1968 My Lai Massacre)

This is a humble working attempt to place Pfc. Manning in context with other Americans who have been faced with similar ethical lapses. Help from other FDLers to better tell this story would be greatly appreciated. If anyone or any group are interested, and would enjoy moving it forward, I

27 Nov 2012

Ed “bait and switch” Schultz and why we need to support FDL

I rarely watch TV. I try to catch Maddow when I can. Last night I happened to catch the opening of the Ed Show. I was pleased to see Ed interview a vigorous Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR). Both of them “named,” the “Grand Bargain,” for what it is a remorseless,

12 Nov 2012

Marginal Tax Rates On The 1% Were North of 90% During Eisenhower’s Administrations

As history shows, Top Marginal Tax rates 1916 – 2011 as we lowered the marginal tax rates on the 1%, nothing ever “trickled-down.” Although the graph shows that we’ve been lowering them for more than 20 years, Warren Buffett’s comment in 2011 still helps: “Actually, there’s been class warfare going

26 Oct 2012

Should we file, but not pay our FEDERAL income taxes?

I am especially interested in the opinions of FDLers who denounce those of us in swing states who want to consider voting for Obama. When Obama had a lead in Wisconsin, I was planning to vote for Jill Stein. Now that the polls have tightened, I’m very seriously considering voting

25 Oct 2012

Is not donating $20/month to FDL/Occupy immoral? Is not ALREADY having an arrest on your record immoral? Is Obama the problem or is it the 1%?

If you’re living in a swing state and you’re not voting for Obama, it’s immoral NOT to give FDL $20/month, provided you can afford it. Are there exceptions to that? Sure, plenty, but for me it’s a guideline for approaching my responsibilities as a citizen. Regardless of where you live,

11 Dec 2011

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Grappling with mental health’s most vexing question: Who is dangerous?”

Imminent Danger: Grappling with mental health’s most vexing question: Who is dangerous? Video interviews with people who lost family when Gabby Giffords was shot, and others who lost family to suicide are very compelling. The upshot of what’s essentially national reporting, is that: “Law creates barriers to getting care for

30 Oct 2011

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Police Department ignores national standards for officers accused of domestic violence”

In the latest edition of their “Both Sides of the Law” series, the MJS takes on takes on the elites who control the Milwaukee Police Department Police Department ignores national standards for officers accused of domestic violence Front and center is Chief Edward Flynn, who FDL readers might recall from

12 Jul 2011

“No More Blank Check” ad from the “Grandma can eat more catfood” party

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Tell Obama no more blank checks Video

I believe this national ad is running today in Wisconsin, because today is the primary for state Senate recall elections. I could be wrong about that. It might just be part of a larger national, “GrandMa can eat more catfood,” campaign.

I think it’s important to understand what the other side is saying.

This post is in no way a defense of the President and the Dems. If they had enacted legislation in his first two-years, that he campaigned on, the Dems never would have lost the House and we wouldn’t be looking at a government shut down. Below is a very high level summary of legislation that could have been passed his first two-years in office.

1. He and the Dems should have pulled all combat troops out of the Middle East.

1.1 Americans who tortured should have been prosecuted.

1.2 Americans who spied on other Americans should have been prosecuted.

1.3. Not one penny of Pentagon disbursements should be spent on foreign workers.

2. He and the Dems should have included the public option in with Obama Care.

3. He and the Dems should have aggressively raised the top marginal tax rates from their historic lows. “Trickle down,” doesn’t work.

3.1 His DOJ should have prosecuted Wall Street for collapsing the economy in 2008.

3.2 The $600 trillion dollars of risk in derivatives should not continue to be socialized onto taxpayers.

3.3 Anti-trust legislation should have been used aggressively against unregulated monopolies and oligopolies.

3.4 To halt the suffocation of meritocracy in the U.S., the Patent Office should have been fully funded.

4. Government should stay out of telling adults who can choose to marry.

5. Sustainable jobs for AMERICANS should have been a prime investment.

5.1 Investments in sustainable, diversified, and de-centralized electricity generation should have been a funding priority.

6. While there are many excellent reasons to legalize marijuana, the most far-reaching may have been immigration. Pot sales account for about 60% of the drug cartel’s revenue and they use that to de-stabilize governments south of our border.

“There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

08 Jul 2011

Piss off Obama: join FDL for $45/year

This post is not directed at all the wonderful FDLers who cannot afford $45/year. Dumpsterdivers and others, stop reading. 1. If FDL had $45 for everyone who claimed they would never vote for Obama, Scarecrow, Phoenix Woman, masaccio, bmaz, Mary and so many other great VOLUNTEERS would have been PAID