01 Aug 2010

And the Immigration Blowup Continues to, Well, Blow Up

If your attention has been focused elsewhere this week–say, on cut-up and sewn-together joints, as mine has–you may have missed the news that a federal judge put the kibosh on several provisions of Arizona's new immigration law, specifically, the parts requiring cops to double as immigration agents and demand papers

29 Jan 2010

And the Prop8 Camp Gets an Assist from SFSU and the NYT

Oh, swell. A study to be released next month is offering a rare glimpse inside gay relationships and reveals that monogamy is not a central feature for many. Some gay men and lesbians argue that, as a result, they have stronger, longer-lasting and more honest relationships. And while that may

13 Mar 2009

Frank “Must Protect Arizona Women From Regret” Antenori Speaks

This is a followup to yesterday's post about Arizona's new abortion-restricting bill that passed the state House, and Representative Frank Antenori's (R-not Tucson) memorable contribution to the annals of clueless paternalism. To his credit, Rep. Antenori did call my co-worker back yesterday afternoon and they ended up talking for about

12 Mar 2009

Arizona House Decides Women Don’t Have Brains; Approves Abortion Restrictions

Hoo boy. The Arizona legislature happily slapped reproductive rights further back toward the 1950s yesterday with a 36-18 vote approving HB 2564. If you’re a female with functioning ovaries and uterus in Arizona, this is the world you woke up to this morning:    HB 2564 would require a 24-hour

29 Jan 2009

More from the Arizona Marriage Equality Wars

Posted over at my blog yesterday, but thought folks here might be interested in the latest salvo in Arizona's marriage equality scuffle. A gay commitment ceremony planner in Phoenix has filed a proposal to create “civil partnerships” in Arizona that would entail all the legal rights and responsibilities of marriage

23 Aug 2008

AZ Secretary of State Sues to Avoid Uncomfortably Plain Anti-Gay-Marriage Ballot Language

In our latest installment of All You Need to Know, all you need to know about opponents of marriage equality is contained in their apoplexy when they are required to use plain, clear language to explain their constitutional amendment ballot initiatives. The group pushing California's Proposition 8 were furious when

16 Jul 2007

Whole Foods Comes Out in Chicago

Regular sound-and-fury boycotts from the American Family Association aside, it isn’t all that risky for major corporations to associate themselves with Teh Gay by sponsoring pride festivals or putting ads in The Advocate. Most Americans don’t actively despise us enough to swear off their Bud Light just because of the