12 Aug 2009

Prop H8 supporter Doug Manchester is leaving his wife.

This is ironic.  We have Doug Manchester (who donated $125,000 to the Prop. H8 campaign) divorcing his wife of 43 years.  Eric Wolff wrote this article in San Diego CityBeat regarding this “Catholic” hypocritical elitist.  Click here to find out was is going on with the Manchesters.

04 May 2009

What “thought-crime” bill? (read Hartline’s BS quote, too)

There is this right-wing extremist scam site called GrassTopsUSA.com that is trying to fleece the gullible into thinking that the recent hate crime bill would undermine “thought crime”. That would be impossible since these people lack thought anyway. http://www.grasstopsusa.com/hr19132.html If you believe the so-called hate crimes bill, HR 1913, the

03 Oct 2008

Now it’s Savage’s turn to blame the economy on teh gayz.

First, it’s CCM’s Mike Heath.  Now it’s one of the well known AM talk radio nazis who is taking a cheap shot.  Here is the link from Media Matters: http://mediamatters.org/items/… After railing against gay marriage, Savage said “the spiritual side of the downturn on Wall Street was directly related to

29 Jul 2008

LaBarbera uses church shooting for his diatribe.

This is an article from the big steaming cow pie that is called “OneNewsNow“. LaBarbera: No special legislation needed in TN church shooting case Allie Martin – OneNewsNow – 7/29/2008 4:00:00 AM The president of Americans for Truth says homosexual activists will use the recent church shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee,

11 May 2008

Fighting over the “L” word and other wordplay.

Everybody heard about this Greek guy trying to reclaim the word ‘lesbian’ because he wants to tell the world that he is from the island of Lesbos.  Sorry, but it’s not everybody’s fault that the quintessential lesbian Sappho came from your island.  Here’s a suggestion: how about…”Greek”!  It’s not like

25 Mar 2008

Now the Tupelo Mafia is drinking “Kern’s nectar”.

We’ve been waiting for this to happen.  Blenders have been expecting the AFA to use it’s BS source, OneNewsNow, to defend Sally Kern’s statement.  It’s the same-old from the bigots, especially from LaBabs herself. http://onenewsnow.com/Culture/… ‘Gay hate campaign’ targets Okla. lawmaker Jim Brown – OneNewsNow – 3/25/2008 6:00:00 AM Conservative

11 Sep 2007

Give props to you know who for worst rap song ever.

God hates this awful crap. What is the worst rap music you could think of? -Is it that materialistic crap of today?-Nu-metal like Limp Bizkit?-Madonna's little crap bit in “American Life”?-“Rappin' Rodney”?-Elmo's rap?-Anything by Vanilla Ice, Marky Mark, or the “Young Black Teenagers”? No, it's made by gangsta thug church nazi

01 Sep 2007

LaBabs on the Larry Craig scandal

Looks like Peter LaBarbera (aka “Porno Pete”, “LaBabs”, or my personal favorite…”LaBitch”) is blaming the whole LGBT community on the Larry Craig scandal.  I found this article on the AFA’s little nasty cow pie, OneNewsNow.  My responses are in bold text. http://www.onenewsno… Homosexual activists legimitize public lewdness, says pro-family activist

10 Aug 2007

SD Pride and Firemen

The local media of San Diego covered something about a few of the firefighters are going against their supervisor because they say that he “forced them to march in the pride parade”.  While marching, those who “marched against their will” stated that they were sexually harassed by the spectators. 1.

30 Jul 2007

Take a dump on Naugle.

(Jim Naugle's stance on something that haven't happened in the public restrooms is now being supported by some organization that is full of more shit than the toilets themselves…the AFA.  Let's see what Dandy Don and the Tupelo Mafia have to say about it.) Mayor tells truth, attacked by homosexual