30 Apr 2009

Internalised Oppresion, Transphobia and Internalised Transphobia

I posted this originally in a heated thread on the subject that I myself started on a forum for Crossdressers (with a Transsexual community present there I should note) where a great proportion are married and many do not come out till after marriage and was asked to cross-post it outside

21 Apr 2008

The threat of genetic research into GLBT etc

Today I ran into this bbc article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/sci… It involves geneticly altered flies triggering sex-based courtship behavior neurons in both sexes. Triggering male courtship behaviour in females. This has all sorts of interesting and frightening possibilities. Im concerned about the impact that such research could possibly eventually have on a

30 Mar 2008

What Harm Does Difference Do?

In a recently heated discussion about issues regarding Transgender people I said (and please bear in mind that these quotes are taken out of context of the rest of a heated discussion): “…The death toll suggests the latter is the most likely. It seems a pretty grim, visceral piece of

29 Jan 2008

Crossdressing is not a dirty word (and so what if it was anyway)

I’m saddened how often I see people all over the community using the word crossdresser as if it were the highest of insults. Terms like ‘recreational’ and ‘weekend’ are often used in the same sentance. Well I am a crossdresser and I’m proud of it! I spend time on crossdressing