10 Feb 2011

Arizona Senator Jon Kyl Announces Retirement

Oh happy day!  There should be dancing in the streets.  How I have dreamed of this day.  Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, Minority Whip of the US Senate, announced today that he will not be running for a fourth term in 2012.  This man has been an enormous thorn in the

20 Dec 2010

DADT Repeal Is An Opportunity For Trans People

I've seen a shocking amount of resentment coming from different quarters of the trans community over the repeal of DADT that to me is completely unjustified and destructively short sighted.  I’ve seen accusations of the trans community being left behind, and frequent statements of DADT repeal doing nothing for the

19 Nov 2010

H.E.R.O Protest and Legacy Gift to John McCain

Phoenix based Human and Equal Rights Organizers (H.E.R.O) staged a protest against John McCain Thursday morning in front of his Phoenix office over his opposition to the repeal of DADT timed to coincide with the Senate Armed Services Committee being in session.  The protest included a 40 ft banner which echoed