14 Oct 2010

LCR lamenting “the years” of lawsuit

I will be voting for someone other than Obama in Democratic primaries, and if it's Obama who wins in the primaries, I am not sure I will be voting in Presidential elections, or maybe I'll throw my vote away instead voting for a 3rd party candidate.    That said, I

10 Oct 2010

A must-read from “The New Yorker”

While the article talks about the climate change legislation and the byzantine politicking around it, the article provides a good insight of how the current Administration deals with its own “priorities”. All ten pages of the story are an envelopping look at the unprecedented legislation (unprecedented in the sense of

02 Sep 2010

EU’s highest court will look at equal benefits of marriage for same-sex couples

Lesben.org reports that the European Court of Justice will soon decide the question of whether same-sex couples should receive equal rights to spousal benefits in all 27 member-states of the EU! Potentially, this decision may have an even broader effect. The case is brought by Jurgen Römer, a retired employee

22 Jul 2010

Russia and US agreed to bar same-sex couples from cross-border adoptions

Now, I personally think Americans should first worry about the children in need of families right here, on our own soil. But this news piece disturbed me for another reason. It seems that this Administration has sacrificed LGBTs again. Just a word of caution – I have not seen the

01 Feb 2010

The state of Alo-HUH?

Hawaii may have another constitutional amendment that will prohibit same-sex marriage just around the corner. Hasn't that already happened way back when, you may ask. Nope. All that the current Hawaiian Constitution does is to place the issue of “marriage or no marriage” in the hands of the legislators. Several

07 Dec 2009

NOM shows how much it respects LGBT individuals

Their rep just mentioned that favorite of opponents of equal rights – “one reproductive system and one digestive system”. That's right, folks, he just used that old scare tactic – “Gay men fuck up the ass! Ewww!” That was the most egregious thing he said. Then he went on with

21 Sep 2009

Nuts at WingNutDaily can’t bring themselves to admit LGBTs are people

That's my impression, but decide for yourselves. According to an analysis by Alliance Defense Fund, a repeal of the primary federal law that protects marriage opens the door for litigation that would seek to force states to recognize “marriages” between same-sex duos. (Emphasis – mine) Duos? Do they mean duos

16 Sep 2009

Tracking the Respect for Marriage Act of 2009 (RMA)

The bill is already up on Thomas, the Library of Congress' website. H.R.3567Title: To repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and ensure respect for State regulation of marriage.Sponsor: Rep Nadler, Jerrold [NY-8] (introduced 9/15/2009) Alphabetical list of cosponsors below the fold. N.B. If you want to keep track of the

20 Jul 2009

Boies and Olson Take Their Argument Nationally

Attorney David Boies has published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on behalf of himself and his co-counsel Ted Olson to explain to the American people why what they are pursuing is the right thing to do. In crisp and clear terms, he outlines their constitutional argument for same-sex

14 Jul 2009

Allies’ stance cited in US gays-in-military debate

First of all, I am surprised nobody picked this up. So, here it goes. Many a newspiece published this article. The article talks about gays and lesbians serving in the mlitaries of Israel, Australia, and UK. The article starts off explaining that both proponents and opponents of DADT are citing