06 Jul 2013

Human Rights in the Market State

In case y’all missed it, we don’t actually live in nation states any more.  This is a global “market state”. Deal with it. The old, failed constitutional order might have called for an archaic notion of “human right and civil liberties” (things like political asylum) but it’s now only the

19 Jun 2013

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06 Jun 2013

Monsanto cries “Sabotage!” So, Whodunit?

I’m coming to terms with my pleb status in our neofeudal order. So,I have to just giggle at the latest Monsanto (rent extraction) controvery. Monsanto says sabotage may be behind GMO wheat in Oregon as more farmers file suit Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/monsanto-sabotage-behind-oregon-gmo-wheat-article-1.1365598#ixzz2VV5tuWHs   Saobtage! So, whodunnit?   Was Iranian activists/terrorists operating

06 Jan 2013

Something is happening with the housing market

And I don’t approve, personally. I’ve been watching the housing market since the pre-2008 pop. Poor people around here started being able to get perfectly good homes for $6-12K around 2005 in my neighborhood. (the same houses that were selling for $60K  just a year before.) I guess it makes

23 Dec 2012

Are the people screaming about pragmatism and ideological purity still around?

http://www.democracynow.org/2012/12/14/dean_baker_the_biggest_myth_in On New Years Eve or on Christmas Eve or late Christmas night, we’re about to get screwed. That’ll probably be when votes are cast and bills are signed. Remember the NDAA? Remember how Olbermann was the one guy in the MSM freaked out about the NDAA? And then CNN

20 Dec 2012

Hello, Congressional Progressive Caucus members and staff

We are the watching and active and coordinating Left. We’ve noticed how you operate, CPC reps and staffers. We are not amused. We are angry, coordinated, and at this early point semi-connected to the unions, churches, and various other “power players” in our local communities. If you agree to cuts

12 Dec 2012


http://youtu.be/BMXhk0uvfNM No comment. Just wow for now. via

09 Dec 2012

The Austerity Anthems (warning, profanity)

Let me introduce you to Katie Goodman, the funniest, most talented woman you’ve never heard of. I’m not a fan of the “All Republican suckitude all the time” channel, but this is great: This one is wonderful (pre-occupy, even!): And her newest one, that she says she wrote for Occupy.

06 Dec 2012

Potential electoral strategy for the future

Could we in Congressional Progressive Caucus districts transition the non-hack congresscritters into the Green Party/NPA/etc? My critter, for one, apparently takes no corporate money already. He’s funded by unions and volunteers. (And unions here are getting PISSED at the Dem Party in general but not this House Rep.) Even when

28 Nov 2012

Open Letter to Congressman Steve Cohen

Crossposted all over the internet, lol. ——————–   An Open Letter to Congressman Steve Cohen I spoke to you on the phone once, around Y2K. I was only 18 years old. Me: Hello? (I didn’t actually say hello…I said something different. You can remember why.) You: This is Steve Cohen.