19 May 2010

LGBT folks playing the Freeper?

I ran across a story over at Joe My God's website concerning the candidacy of Republican transwoman Donna Milo.  While many of the site’s readers understandably disagree with Ms. Milo’s policy positions, the level of discourse sometimes veers towards what we get when monitoring our “friends” over at the Free Republic.

21 Nov 2008

Where is the outrage?

Despite the following story being out for most of the day, there has been no to little discussion of this around here. “President-elect Barack Obama is expected to delay until 2010 a decision to seek an end to the ban on open gays in the military, transition team advisers say.” http://www.upi.com/Top_News/20…

07 Aug 2008

Anthrax and a Christianist Terrorist Connection?

According to AP writers Lara Jakes Jordan and Matt Apuzzo, FBI investigators working on the anthrax case put forth the following motives for the attack: “As for motive, investigators seemed to offer two possible reasons for the attacks: that the brilliant scientist wanted to bolster support for a vaccine he

17 Jul 2008

North Carolina legislature stalls anti-bullying bill

North Carolina legislators are stalling on a bill that will protect students, including those who are gay or transgender, from bullying in school.  They are doing this despite the fact that survey results released on Wednesday by Public Policy Polling (PPP) show that 72% of North Carolinians support this explicitly