20 May 2013

Poetic Justice

The Jamaican-American poet Claude McKay (1889-1948), was a leading voice of the Harlem Renaissance. All of his poems are well worth reading, but today I’d like to highlight one that has helped to calm my mind in recent days. You see, some anti-union thugs have taken the trouble to try

15 May 2013

My oh my!! Major McJobs Momentum in Milwaukee

http://youtu.be/QTQXnNhRSfA     I heard the good word from brother Matt earlier today: Today, fast food and retail workers in Milwaukee went on strike. They’re fighting for a living wage, $15 an hour, and for the right to form a union without retaliation. This move comes on the back of

14 Apr 2013

Nothing New Under the Tuscan Sun: Political Corruption in the Age of Machiavelli

Today in Wisconsin, the Koch brothers stand exposed as manipulators of Governor Scott Walker, and the Republican state government. This is scandalous and disturbing, because it is the worst sort of political corruption. In Washington, D.C. the criminal Wall St. banksters have pretty much captured the entire government, and the

13 Apr 2013

From Chicago to New York to Brussels to Cyprus: The neo-liberal game is the same

I was moved by this excellent post about the Troika’s plan for Cyprus by danps here on today’s FDL  http://my.shadowproof.wpengine.com/danps/2013/04/13/troikas-plan-for-cyprus-destroy-the-village-in-order-to-save-it/       to share a wonderfully pithy assessment– of how our neo-liberal, hyper-financialized world order currently operates. C.H. Smith puts it all together like this: Understood in this manner, it is clear there

10 Apr 2013

Rebels R Us

One of our greatest cultural losses in recent years was the death of Howard Zinn, people’s historian and speaker of truth.  His contributions to the discipline of history alone will ensure that his memory shines brightly for generations.  Yet for me his greatest gift to our republic was always his

09 Apr 2013

Thoughts from the summer of 2010

My friend Lisa has persuaded me to share here at FDL this personal diary  I wrote on an anonymous blog I’ve had awhile, reflecting on the memory of her late ex-husband John. So here, without further ado, it is: I started out this evening fired up to spew out another

05 Apr 2013

The ACLU in Ohio confirms we’re back to Dickensian misery

I had thought to share some information with fellow members of the FDL community about a report released by the ACLU to the media. Apparently I am not to do so. So, if you’d like to read an article which referenced the ACLU report, please refer to the link below.

20 Mar 2013

We must hang together… h/t to BF

Benjamin Franklin shared many words of wisdom with his fellow American patriots, but perhaps none more relevant to our times than these: “We must all hang together, or surely, we will all hang separately!” The moment is right for 99% of all Americans to find common ground in opposing the

15 Mar 2013

Don’t despair! Some people are waking up…

I just read this comment on a fine post by Yves over at NakedCapitalism: These are unarguably grotesquely huge hyper-fascist organizations that have utterly bought and paid for the entire global political control system. They have a stranglehold on the operating narrative myths of our entire civilization. They are now