29 Sep 2011

Prominent Promoter of Uganda’s “Kill-the-Gays” Bill to be Honored in Chicago Suburb

A stridently anti-gay organization, “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality” (AFTAH), is planning to honor Scott Lively, a principal proponent of Uganda’s proposed death penalty bill for gays, at its annual banquet Saturday, October 15th at the Christian Liberty Academy, 502 W. Euclid Ave., Arlington Heights, IL.  The Gay Liberation is

06 Jun 2011

VIDEO: Birth of a Transgender Movement in Russia

Transgender activists in Russia are making their contribution to the international LGBT movement.  In this video, GayRussia activist Anna Komarova talks about some of the ground-breaking activities taking place in his country, including the first-ever in-person, public statement in favor of Transgender rights — one block away from the Kremlin

31 May 2011

Moscow Pride 2011: A Response to the Obama Administration’s Statement

The first and most important thing that needs to be said is that we are very fortunate that no Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender activists exercising their right to peaceably assemble were killed near Red Square on May 28, 2011.

27 May 2011

Moscow gays to defy police & neo-Nazi threats

They risk arrest and violent attack U.S. LGBT rights campaigners Andy Thayer and Daniel Choi, and British human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell will join tomorrow's banned Moscow Gay Pride parade, in solidarity with Russia's belagured lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

26 May 2011

In Russia to Support Moscow Pride

Yesterday I landed at Domodedovo airport to participate in the “illegal” Moscow Pride, banned by the Russian authorities, but nonetheless going forward under the leadership of GayRussia at 12 noon this Saturday, May 28.  

22 May 2011

FRIDAY: Porno Pete & Other Opponents of Equality Rally in the Chicago’s Loop

Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion Bigots To Rally Against Equal Rights COME TO THE COUNTER-PROTEST!   Join with the Gay Liberation Network, LGBT Change and Join the Impact to protest against anti-LGBT and anti-abortion bigots beginning at 10:45 AM this Friday, May 27 at St. Peter’s Church, 110 W. Madison Street, Chicago.

15 Feb 2011

Chicago LGBTs Respond to Cardinal George’s Criticism of Our Protest

Chicago's Cardinal Francis George recently took us to task for our protest last Sunday in front of Holy Name Cathedral against his anti-gay policies.   Cardinal George issued the following statement: “Some members of the Gay Liberation Network [GLN] demonstrated in front of Holy Name Cathedral on Sunday, February 13,

27 Jan 2011

Important Win for LGBT Rights Activists and Secularists

In an important victory for LGBT rights activists and for civil liberties in general, on Tuesday the top legal official for the City of Chicago sent the American Civil Liberties Union a letter saying they would not arrest protesters at a forthcoming February 13th Gay Liberation Network (GLN) protest for

19 Dec 2010

The Wider Issues Behind DADT Repeal

DADT repeal is a victory for equal employment rights, but if that's the only thing we take away from this event, we miss the boat.  The Democrats will try to take credit for DADT repeal, but they were the ones who gave us the crappy policy in the first place. 

29 Oct 2010

Censored from HuffPo / Chicago: “Who cares who wins the elections”

As a regular blogger on the Huffington Post / Chicago’s website, I recently encountered a situation which I believe is censorship for failing to have a proper “line” on next Tuesday’s elections.   As allies of the Democratic Party in various sectors scramble to motivate the party’s “base” for the