10 Jul 2014

Weapons of Mass Control

Obama detonates Hegelian weapon over North America, millions of Americans suffer from mental and emotional distress as they are sucked into the vacuum of the manufactured immigration crises. We play a critical role in the implementation Obama’s border collapse agenda.   We are forced, or at least deceived into choosing sides, either for

29 Sep 2013

Why the Prefrontal Cortex is not covered by Obamacare

The prefrontal cortex is considered the executive processor of the brain where decision making takes place.    People with damaged prefrontal cortexes are not able to have compassion for others and make decisions that place others before themselves.  Typically these types of people are classified as psychopaths and our prisons

23 Sep 2013

Zones of Ungrievabilty.

The foreign policy of the Obama administration is coercison and violence against humanity.    It’s goal is the enslavement of people through illusions of fear and social justice but it’s effects on people are poverty, suffering and death.     This is collectivism and I want my individualism returned.  I

22 Aug 2013

Reflections of Reality

The News Media creates images in peoples minds that reflect reality.   Anything reflected becomes distorted, therefore media projects a pseudo-reality and people react to this pseudo-reality because reality is too large, complex and  fleeting , only existing in the present moment.   Believing that anything in the future or

28 Jul 2013

Is Government is a Criminal Enterprise

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10206659/Lockerbie-bomber-release-linked-to-arms-deal-according-to-secret-letter.html I cannot say that the above story is truth.   If it is:  I wonder how these people sleep at night.  They probably go to church and see themselves as honest loving human beings that are much better than others.  

21 Jul 2013

So, What if Trayvon was White?

 Since so many people believe that hypothetical answers to hypothetical questions like “What if Trayvon was White?” are validation for their white racism beliefs. So, what if Trayvon was white? The headlines the day after the incident may have been: “Neighborhood Watch Survives Attack by Teen” with a Sunday morning

20 Jul 2013

Take Me to Truth and the Analysis of the Racism Psyop.

What if Trayvon Martin was white? Here is a link to President Obama asking this question and then answering it:  http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/353926/obama-if-trayvon-had-been-white-both-outcome-and-aftermath-mightve-been-different-will Here is a link to Joe Scarborough asking this question and then answering it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfYK9keCVho Here is a link to Trayvon Martins father asking this question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8rsvrmS5g   Here

13 Jul 2013

Deindividuation and the Zimmerman Trial

As you watch, read, or listen to the coming reactions to the Zimmerman trial please take the time to be awake and aware of the underlying psychology you are witnessing.     Look behind the media and the personalities.  Look behind your own self identification (race, religion, beliefs) and emotions

02 Jun 2013

Making the Decision to be Free.

Collective Consciousness. The world seems to be inundated with the meme that there exists a “collective consciousness”. We hear it all the time from the U.N., from spiritualists, from politicians, from environmentalists and from corporations. These memes are delivered in phrases like “for the good of the people”,or  “for the