23 Oct 2013

FACT-CHECKED: Hannity Causing Immediate Harm To Consumers

In a galling display of disregard for the public interest, Sean Hannity has been broadcasting provably false information on radio and TV about the Affordable Care Act. Salon’s “Inside the Fox News lie machine: I fact-checked Sean Hannity on Obamacare” uncovered how he distorted the stories of three couples to imply that

12 Aug 2013

MISOGYNISTS UNTIE: Breitbart’s Deceptive Editing Prompts Vile “Gang” Threats Against “Gun Map Editor”

One of the editors involved in publishing “gun maps” in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting massacre was recently laid off by NY’s Journal News, along with dozens of other staff, according to the Rockland Times. The article clearly states there is no evidence to suggest the firing was related to

14 Jul 2013

Limbaugh Returns to Slutgate, Calling Educated Moms “Lushes” Who “End Up at the Motel”

Rush Limbaugh sure knows how to get folks to talk about him, but he’s hit a new bottom on his website with a venomous smear of “mommies” who are “too educated” and have become bored by their children. Limbaugh surmises “…if all you’re going to do with that education is be a mommy, you

21 Apr 2013

Learning the Hard Way: The False Promises of Standardized Tests

My daughter sees a math tutor, a bright young med school student from Pakistan. She told me last weekend my daughter still struggles, but she was shocked to hear that “every single kid” in her class has a math tutor. I was shocked to learn this too, but for another

18 Mar 2013

Questions Persist After Guilty Verdicts in Steubenville Rape Trial

Two teen defendants in the “Jane Doe” case in Steubenville Ohio were found guilty by Judge Thomas Lipps last Sunday morning, following testimony given by eyewitnesses who confirmed the athletes used their fingers to penetrate the victim while she was unresponsive. The case drew wide attention after a group of

17 Feb 2013

Rachel Maddow: Iraq WMD Fraud Exposé Will Cause “Political Upset”

Rachel Maddow is looking to ruffle feathers, going where Obama or Congress wouldn’t dare to tread, in publicizing the “deceptions” of the Bush Iraq Team which launched a long and costly war. Because of a ten year mainstream media whitewash, it’s been generally accepted that “mistakes” resulted in a war

03 Feb 2013

Selective Tyranny: Why “Terrorized” Gun-Owners Applaud Obama’s Worst Constitutional Abuses

When a gun rights advocate brings up the Second Amendment, I ask them why they wouldn’t defend the First, Fourth and Sixth Amendment from either Bush or Obama. If they are willing to fight for the Bill of Rights, why do gun-lovers not just allow, but fight for stripping our right

20 Jan 2013

Sean Hannity Paid To Astroturf For Hydrofracking

Listeners were treated to media manipulation this week as Sean Hannity became a paid mouthpiece for the fracking industry. Last week, the Journal News described how Hannity took to the airwaves to say NY Governor Andrew Cuomo held off on controversial fracking permits to appease his “left wing” base. In reality, Cuomo

06 Jan 2013

Scandalous Online Claims Force Official Response in Steubenville Rape Case

Shocking video evidence of rape admissions and allegations of a wide cover up enterprise by influential adults in Steubenville, Ohio are shooting up the major media beanstalk at present. Video files reportedly obtained by vigilante hacker(s) KnightSec were provided to the LocalLeaks blog who set up an investigative reporting operation