03 Oct 2013

How much is healthcare.gov being sabotaged by Rethug operatives?

This is informed speculation, but someone must begin to investigate the degree to which rethug operatives have been actively sabotaging the online access to healthcare.gov. I live in Florida and have made six attempts over the last three days to get to the database and have not succeeded yet. We

03 Sep 2013

Unlike Libya, where strikes were free & easy, Syria not a piñata?

Assuming some accuracy regarding the Russian deployment, how much doubt is there that the Russian ships and the sub in the East Mediterranean will be immediately considered targets if/when their radar systems form part of the radar umbrella tracking and attempting to shoot down the relatively slow and vulnerable cruise

10 Jun 2013

How Can Gun Background Checks be Demonized, After Defending PRISM?

I’ve just started a list of the politicians who are defending the PRISM program & all of its companion citizen spying programs, who are also opposed to background checks for gun purchases. What kind of tortured logic will they try to sell to make themselves look like they have any

09 Jun 2013

Obama’s Half-lie About Everyone’s Phone Records

Thus far, President Obama told the somnambulant population HOW the security machine decides whose phone calls will be dissected in unlimited detail. A rough computer analysis is made based only upon who you have spoken to, who has contacted people that you may be connected with, on what dates &

17 Mar 2013

The Most Notable USA Policy Decisions Made In My Lifetime

I’m only going to list the events that have occurred since I became “politically aware”. Please assist me by adding your opinions about any policy decisions that I have missed in this quickly gathered list. 1) The assassination/coup of President John F. Kennedy. This really turned and accelerated the downward

22 Jan 2013

This quartet would have been better than the trio.

Almost everyone is giving the Obama speech writing crew big kudos for the iconic linkage of “Senaca Falls, Selma, and Stonewall”. My contrary observation; I think they blew it. Far better would have been to evoke this quartet of symbolic events known by their location; “Concord, “Senaca Falls, Selma, and

22 Jan 2013

If Gallop and Reuters, etc., ran this poll, what would the numbers be?

The Question: Agree or disagree? Madmen, admen, plutocrats and gangsters run the world. What would the numbers be here at Firedoglake? What would the results be in the USA? In South America? Europe? India? Where would we get a majority “YES” answer? . . . and by how much? I’d

07 Dec 2012

In Michigan, more rhetorical deafness from the D’s

Michigan passes new laws making it impossible to organize private unions, and D’s adopt the Rethug language to refer to the change as; “Michigan is now a ‘right to work’ state.” Well, what average, under-informed voter and citizen would be concerned about that particular statement? At this moment, I’m not

28 Nov 2012

Why are Democrats so rhetorically incompetant?

As it stands today, . . . the consensus framework over the tax revenue debate goes; “Should the 98% get a tax cut while the upper 2% pays higher rates?” WRONG! What appears to be on the table is that EVERYONE will continue to get the same Bush era tax

27 Oct 2012

Brutal Republican Party logo

cartoon from Bennett @ Chattanooga Times Free Press: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share?s=iX-mjGBmSRAuouECHFZ8wM (wire clothes hanger outline of republican elephant)