27 Sep 2010

President Surges Ahead With Teacher Union Busting Neoliberal Agenda

Lots of face time with Rhee on MSM outlets after DC Mayor with close ties with NYC big-wigs, suggests powerful forces are at play to advance a neoliberal agenda whose chief aim in education is abolishing the teacher unions. Joel Klein was a patron of Rhee. Current mayor Bloomberg implemented mayoral control of schools involving the NYPD later overturned by New York Senate. Klein, friend of “education reform” advocates Bill Gates and Eli Broad, is expected to run for mayor.

09 Sep 2010

Michael Moore’s Comments About Administration Policy in Health Care and Finance Last March Still Timely

It’s not easy to put the steam coming out your ears back, as Michael Moore found out after year with a lying president.

15 Jul 2010

BP’s Sudden Sea Change in Subsea Plans Baffles Some But Apparently Not the Press

While the press goes with the BP flow while some experts recoil at the stoppage of relief well drilling.

04 Jul 2010

U.S. Petroleum Trade Flows Puts Paid to Any Notion of Energy Independence

The energy independence mantra conjuring the misapprehension that more offshore drilling and similar rapine measures promulgated by corporatist politicians will reduce imports ignores the simple fact that the U.S. exports a rising share of its petroleum products to other countries.

15 May 2010

Afghan War (Part VII?) Breaks Spending Rate In Iraq War

The long and winding Khyber Pass.

13 May 2010

BBC Documentary “The Secret Life of Elephants” to Air this Sunday

On May 16, at 8 PM ET/EP, join Animal Planet in a two-hour journey through the lives of more than 900 elephants that roam Kenya’s National Samburu Reserve. From the producers of LIFE and PLANET EARTH, THE SECRET LIFE OF ELEPHANTS, shot in glorious high definition, provides an intimate window into what it’s really like to be an elephant by focusing on several dozen of these creatures.

13 May 2010

VIDEOS: In Situ Burn and Remotely Sawing Pipe for Leak Repair

From a series of videos documenting the Deepwater Horizon response.

10 May 2010

Eisenhower on the Production Possiblity Frontier and Opportunity Costs

The Colonel has advised that this is very silly.

07 May 2010

Deepwater Horizon was Exempt from Gas/Oil Gusher Control Plan

“A rule change two years ago by the federal agency that regulates offshore oil rigs allowed BP to avoid filing a plan for handling a major spill from an uncontrolled blowout at its Deepwater Horizon project – exactly the kind of disaster now unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.”