18 Feb 2011

NOM’s Anti-Marriage Poll is Biased – Here’s the Proof

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), an anti-gay group that has fought against gay rights in almost every state, has released a poll stating that 54% of Maryland voters oppose gay marriage, and that 78% of them believe the issue of same-sex marriage should be decided by the people (via

16 Nov 2010

Have We Given Up Before the Fight?

If “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is going to be repealed within the next few years, it has to happen within the next week or so. But you wouldn’t know that judging by the urgency – or lack thereof – with which most in the LGBT advocacy community are treating the

26 Oct 2010

“It Gets Better” Keeps Getting Worse

Anne Hathaway. Ian Somerhalder. Ke$ha. Sarah Silverman. Jewel. Rob Thomas. Gloria Estefan. Jason Derulo. The cast of Jersey Shore. All of these people have contributed to Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” campaign, which seeks to improve the self-esteem of young LGBT people who are tormented by bullying. All of these

13 Sep 2010

Call to Action: Final Push to Repeal DADT

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to be bringing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal up for a vote next week, according to the Washington Blade. We need to make sure we have the votes to end this viciously discriminatory policy when it comes to the floor! The Servicemembers Legal

26 Aug 2010

George Washington University: Drop Target!

Every year, the George Washington University Residence Hall Association hosts “Target Takeover,” a couple of days at the beginning of the school year during which busses take students to the local Target store to buy supplies.  In light of recent events, I am – as an LGBT student of GWU

15 Aug 2010

Photos and more from NOM’s failure rally and The Big Commit event in DC

NOTE FROM PAM: More photos and video will be added to this diary as they come in…BTW, guess who didn’t show up to her own Big Bus Tour finale… [O]ne person was noticeably missing: Maggie Gallagher. Even though NOM’s website lists its chairman, Gallagher, as one of the speakers of

04 Aug 2010

PHOTOS: Prop 8 Celebration in NYC

This evening, supporters of LGBT equality gathered at the NYC Supreme Court building to celebrate Judge Vaughn Walker's overturning of the discriminatory Proposition 8 in California.  The rally featured some incredible speakers, including Marriage Equality New York's Cathy Marino-Thomas and Carlos "Charlie" Ramos, who is facing the vehemently anti-gay Reverend Senator

03 Aug 2010

MoveOn May Join Target Boycott

Many LGBT organizations have called for a boycott of Target since it was discovered that they gave $150,000 to “Minnesota Forward,” a PAC that is funding anti-gay gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer.  Target defended this gigantic contribution, saying it was funding the PAC because it agrees not with Emmer's stance on

24 Jul 2010

The George Wallace Connection

Have you ever been listening to the ramblings of a lunatic and thought to yourself, “This just sounds too familiar?” Maggie Gallagher and other anti-equality figureheads have said a lot of interesting (and by interesting, I mean profoundly moronic) things with regards to the LGBT rights movement. But every time

21 Jul 2010

A History Lesson for the Concern Trolls

As usual, the Concern Trolls came out in full force yesterday as nine GetEQUAL and H.E.R.O. activists were arrested for obstructing one of the busiest intersections on the Las Vegas strip while demanding that Senator Harry Reid deliver on his promise to bring ENDA to a vote. A Concern Troll, in