25 Oct 2011

Nothing Has Changed!

I was hanging out with my boyfriend, who is a big Three Stooges fan. He said to watch Morons of Moronika…Holy Crap!!! Nothing has changed!!! Check out the video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg_3qEf3ahU Peace and Wellness to all of the Lion Occupiers!

11 Oct 2011

We Are Not Supposed To Be A Democracy!

I hear the term democracy spouted all of the time from protesters to politicians. I have read through thousands of posts from the Occupy Movements across this great nation and around the world. I came across a very interesting post. It was in reference to the idea that America is

13 Sep 2011

Only In America…Limited (if any) Constitutional Rights Pt. 1

This is my first FDL blog post. I am a relatively new member and have posted replies to a few other postings. The following are my views, thoughts and beliefs about what is happening in America. I have done little research, but read extensively.  If I am way off track,