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Kevin Gosztola On ‘The Chris Hedges Report’

Chris Hedges, longtime journalist and host of “The Chris Hedges Report,” had Shadowproof editor Kevin Gosztola on his show to discuss his book, Guilty of Journalism: The Political Case Against Julian Assange.

The book can be pre-ordered from Seven Stories Press. It will be released on February 28.

As Chris said in the introduction, “I think your book and Nils Melzer’s book are books I would recommend for people who don’t understand the case.”

Chris and Kevin go issue by issue, like the book, which is not a chronology but a meticulously organized guide to all aspects of the United States government’s charges and allegations.

Prior to the interview, one of the endorsements that Kevin received for his book came from Chris. “Kevin Gosztola has doggedly done what most of the press has not, cover in exacting detail the long persecution of Julian Assange and the judicial farce that passes for Julian’s trial.”

You may have seen—or heard—this interview already. In two days, it has over 20,000 views and has been shared widely on social media and republished to several independent media sites.

Thanks again to Chris Hedges and the crew at The Real News for giving Kevin a platform to share his book with a wide audience.

Listen to the interview or watch the interview on YouTube:



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