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CNN’s Attempt To Police Roger Waters And His ‘This Is Not A Drill’ Show

CNN host Michael Smerconish interviewed Roger Waters about his “This Is Not A Drill” concert tour. By comparing the 7-minute edited version that aired to the 28-minute uncut version, which Smerconish posted, it is evident that producers used the interview to try and paint Waters as a “political madman” to discredit the messages in his show.

Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola put together this video that shows what made the CNN edit a classic example of framing dissent in a manner that was intended to strip Waters of any credibility.

The beginning features the “Bravery of Being Out of Range,” which Gosztola recorded during Waters’ performance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Waters used the song from his 1992 album “Amused To Death” to indict every US president since President Ronald Reagan, who has been responsible for death and destruction as an overseer of a war machine. But instead of learning Waters is commenting on an entire system, you may think Waters has only singled out President Joe Biden if you watched CNN.

As Waters shares his opinion about human rights, Taiwan and China, and the war in Ukraine, Smerconish no longer is simply a Pink Floyd fan talking to Waters. Smerconish is acting as a cop, who is there to call out anything Waters says that does not fit into the cable news network’s preferred narratives.



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