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Shadowproof Recognized For Exceptional Coverage Of Julian Assange’s Extradition Trial

Shadowproof managing editor Kevin Gosztola woke up every morning for four weeks in September to report on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition trial at the Old Bailey Criminal Courthouse in London.

Kevin shared live updates during court, produced end-of-day video reports, and he wrote articles each day for The Dissenter newsletter (and Shadowproof).

He was interviewed by BBC Radio, Sky News Australia, Jacobin Magazine, The Katie Halper Show, The Scott Horton Show, the Real News, and Consortium News, as well as featured on several podcasts: “Moderate Rebels” with Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton, “Media Roots” with Abby Martin and Robbie Martin, “Around the Empire” with Joanne Leon, and The Intercept’s “Deconstructed” with Ryan Grim. 

We received numerous donations and an outpouring of support for Kevin’s commitment to covering the Assange trial each day court was in session.

Glenn Greenwald, journalist for the Intercept, described Kevin as “one of the few U.S. journalists to do the vital job of covering the Assange extradition hearing from the start.”

Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, who Kevin interviewed, shared, “I’ve been following this trial, which you’ve helped me do so much, Kevin. I appreciate it. You’re doing a great job there.”

Rebecca Vincent, the director of international campaigns for Reporters Without Borders, referred to Kevin as “one of the journalists most diligently and consistently covering the Assange hearing.”

Journalist Richard Medhurst, who also did exceptional work following the trial, said, “Kevin did such brilliant coverage on this hearing and also covered Chelsea Manning’s court martial in 2013.”

Rania Khalek, Kevin’s co-host for the “Unauthorized Disclosure” podcast, declared, “Your reporting has been vital as most of the rest of the media either ignores it or is too busy parroting government talking points to properly inform people about this attempt to criminalize journalism.”

Here is some more feedback Kevin and Shadowproof received from our readers:

“Journalism isn’t dead as long as we have outlets like yours reporting the stories that really matter. Thanks again for looking out for one of my heroes.”

“I wish all journalists had your professionalism, your diligence, and your principles. You are lifeline to us wanting to push the needle of justice in the right direction. If—no WHEN—Julian Assange is freed, you will be among those we thank.”

“Impressed by your coverage of the Assange extradition hearing. This is a very important event to be covering and reporting on…Keep it up!”

“I relied heavily on Kevin’s daily tweets and analysis to understand what was going on at the hearing.”

“I really liked your trial reporting—I felt like I was there.”

“Thank you for reporting on the Assange trial. Part of the reason for the lack of ‘coverage’ is because of the sustained, relentless, vicious smearing of him as an individual. But it’s all part of the hybrid war against him. Thank you for seeing past that.”

“Thank you more than I can ever express for the work you do. I wish I could give more. The public and the First Amendment need you.”

“I follow Kevin’s live-tweets every day. I’m trying to spread awareness in my small bubble, and your reporting makes that possible. #FreeAssange”

“If it wasn’t for your work Kevin and Brian, myself and other Australians would be kept in the dark not only by our Government but our own media. A big thank you to everyone at Shadowproof.”

“Brilliant work covering Julian Assange Extradition Trial. Genuine independent media that goes where others appear not to. #FreeAssange”

“Your journalism on Assange and #PressFreedom is much appreciated!”

“Kevin, your diligence and commitment to reporting this very important trial that is unfolding at the Old Bailey Court in London is a tremendous public service. As always, thank you for your efforts.”


We thank our readers for their generous support. Kevin’s work covering the case is not over simply because the trial wrapped. Shadowproof will publish more reporting and analysis between now and January 4, 2021—the date when the court’s decision on extradition will be announced.

To help Kevin continue his coverage of the Assange case, as well as the war on whistleblowers in general, donate at



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