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Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’ By Ryan Harvey

The post was originally published at Ongoing History Of Protest Songs.

As we currently face a global pandemic, it is easy to lose sight that these issues are compounded by an endless cycle of war. America’s never-ending war in Afghanistan, the continuing fallout of the Iraq War, and the continued US support for regime change in various countries contributed to the refugee crisis and has affected countless innocent lives.

These issues are examined by punk-folk artist and activist Ryan Harvey on “Nine Times Out Of Ten,” a track off his latest album “You Have No Country.”

Harvey takes clear aim at America’s anti-refugee rhetoric with the verse, “The refugees come, and your finger’s on your gun. Referencing the saddest part of history, you fail to see the shocking irony, that it was you that claimed to liberate their country.” It is a poignant reminder that refugees are fleeing from problems created by American colonialism.

He also suggests there is another key reason for the perpetual wars: “They cover up the shit and paint it up with rhetoric, and nine times out of ten you’ll believe it, cover up your eyes again, as the cycle spins and spins. History doesn’t repeat. We repeat it.”

Reject blind patriotism, and end the cycle of war.

CJ Baker

CJ Baker

CJ Baker is a lifelong music fan and published writer. He recently started a website chronicling the historical developments of protest music: ongoinghistoryofprotestsongs.com, and can be found on Twitter @tunesofprotest