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Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Corona Virus Climate Catastrophe Fascist Empire 2020 Blues Massacree’ By David Rovics

The following post originally appeared at Ongoing History Of Protest Songs.

David Rovics is a prolific singer-songwriter and activist who has been active for over two decades. He recently released the excellent album Strangers & Friends, which is well worth the listen.

Along with albums, Rovics often composes topical songs which he posts online. A recent example is the timely “Corona Virus Climate Catastrophe Fascist Empire 2020 Blues Massacree.”

The satirical tune deals with life in the time of a global pandemic. It addresses society’s failure to respond to the spread of COVID-19 in a timely manner. Even though many parts of the world took steps to contain the virus, the initial inaction and minimization of risks compounded the spread which led to it turning into a pandemic.

Rovics connects this inaction to the inaction from elites that contributes to many societal ills, such as the threat of climate change. 

“Bush all burning, towns destroyed. Then the flooding, filling the void. Left by the loss of the plants and soil. But they keep digging for coal and drilling for oil. As if the end times weren’t right here. Just go shopping, do not fear,” Rovics sings.

Governments and corporations refuse to make the necessary changes when their bottom line is affected. Yet, as citizens of the planet, we must change our way of life and do our part to save humanity before it is too late.

CJ Baker

CJ Baker

CJ Baker is a lifelong music fan and published writer. He recently started a website chronicling the historical developments of protest music: ongoinghistoryofprotestsongs.com, and can be found on Twitter @tunesofprotest