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Interview With Eoin Higgins: The Aftermath Of 2020 Iowa Caucus

Shadowproof Editor Kevin Gosztola is joined by Common Dreams Senior Editor Eoin Higgins to discuss the fall-out from the 2020 Iowa Caucus. They discuss what happened with the caucus app developed by Shadow Inc., a startup company with former staff from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Eoin and Kevin put the cronyism between the Iowa Democratic Party and Shadow Inc. into perspective. They highlight why the swirling suspicions around how the state party handled the caucuses is understandable.

Later in the conversation, Eoin and Kevin address the poor performance of Joe Biden’s campaign in Iowa and what the strong showing in Iowa may mean for Pete Buttigieg.

They conclude with talk about Republican billionaire Mike Bloomberg and how he is ramping up his efforts to challenge Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, especially since Sanders increasingly seems like the campaign best suited to go the long haul.



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