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Dissenter Weekly: Blowing Whistle On Business Of War In Iraq—Plus, Honduras and DOJ Cheat Whistleblower

On this week’s “Dissenter Weekly Update,” host and Shadowproof editor Kevin Gosztola discusses how military contractors are speaking out after President Donald Trump assassinated—and attempted to assassinate—leaders of militias aligned with General Qassim Soleimani.

Current and former employees for a military contractor called Sallyport Global Services claim the Iranian-backed militia, Kataib Al Imam Ali, allegedly stole military hardware and issued death threats against their employees. The company, which had a billion-dollar contract with the Pentagon, bribed the militia with “free trucks” and a first, second, and third base for their operations. These fighters were aligned with the United States, probably fighting ISIS, wasting taxpayers dollars like most military ventures. It’s how the business of war works.

Later in the program, Gosztola highlights a story involving an ex-employee of a firm that was contracted by Honduras to help the country rebuild their water and sewer systems. The ex-employee filed a whistleblower lawsuit because the Honduras government refused to pay the firm $51 million, and the Justice Department is backing the Honduras government.

Gosztola provides an update on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition case. He will travel to London in February to cover an extradition hearing for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that has grave implications for global press freedom. Help us fund his trip by making a donation at https://shadowproof.com/donate.

The Dissenter Weekly Update airs every Thursday at 4pm ET on YouTube and covers whistleblower and press freedom news from that week.

This week’s stories:

Regulatory Board Accused Of Proposing Corporate-Friendly Rules To Deal With ‘Accidental’ Pollution

Ex-Employee Of Ruined Alabama Firm Battles Honduras, US Government In Whistleblower Case

Bloomberg Insists Female Former Employees Should Not Be Freed From NDAs

Before the U.S. Bombed Soleimani’s Militia Leaders, It Bribed Them

Julian Assange Still Denied Access To Lawyers In Fight Against U.S. Extradition

Former New York Times General Counsel: Will Alleged CIA Misbehavior Set Julian Assange Free?


As of this recording, Chelsea Manning has been in jail for 309 days and owes $200,000 dollars in fines.

Julian Assange has been in jail for 273 days since he was expelled from the Ecuador embassy in London.

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