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Dissenter Weekly: EPA Employees Push For ‘Bill Of Rights’ With Whistleblower Protections

On this week’s “Dissenter Weekly Update,” host and Shadowproof editor Kevin Gosztola discusses efforts by unionized employees from the Environmental Protection Agency to obtain whistleblower protections, files posted by a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower exposing information warfare and voter manipulation, and much more.

As the disastrous effects of the climate crisis grow more evident by the day, EPA workers are fighting for protections to blow the whistle on waste, fraud, and abuse within their agency as part of a larger push for an employee bill of rights.

In a statement published by The Hill, union local president Bethany Dreyfus remarked that the Trump Administration “has attempted to silence research and gut our labor rights. That’s why we’re not just standing up for a fair contract, we’re fighting to be able to do our jobs and protect public health — and we’ll keep fighting until our voices are truly heard.”

Later in the program, Gosztola touches on posts from Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Brittany Kaiser containing tens of thousands of documents exposing voter manipulation by the data company in elections in 68 countries including Malaysia, Kenya, and Brazil.

Gosztola will travel to London in February to cover an extradition hearing for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that has grave implications for global press freedom. Help us fund his trip by making a donation at https://shadowproof.com/donate.

The Dissenter Weekly Update airs every Thursday at 4pm ET on YouTube and covers whistleblower and press freedom news from that week.

This week’s stories:

Unionized EPA employees push for bill of rights with whistleblower protections

Labor Department: Tennessee Valley Authority cooked up cause to fire nuclear whistleblower

Teva Pharmaceuticals settles whistleblower lawsuit involving improper payments to physicians

Illinois appeals court judges seem open to overturning jury award for CPD whistleblower

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower posts files exposing information warfare, voter manipulation

Mexican president, former Brazil president call for Julian Assange’s release from jail


As of this recording, Chelsea Manning has been in jail for 302 days and owes $193,000 dollars in fines.

Julian Assange has been in jail for 273 days since he was expelled from the Ecuador embassy in London.

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