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Support Our New Series On Chicago’s Fight For A People’s Agenda After Rahm Emanuel

The upcoming Chicago mayoral election represents a major opportunity to advance a progressive agenda in the nation’s third largest city, especially since Rahm Emanuel, the current mayor, is not seeking reelection.

Shadowproof is proud to announce we’ve commissioned a wide-ranging series from journalist Aaron Cynic, exploring the issues at the heart of the election on February 26, 2019. These issues include police accountability, immigration, education, and neighborhood investment.

We need your support to fund Aaron’s reporting.

Please donate $20+ to fund Aaron Cynic’s series on grassroots mobilization for progressive change in Chicago’s 2019 mayoral election.

With your help, Aaron will produce a six-part series that digs into what is at stake in the election and how it presents a major opportunity to move away from the destructive neoliberal politics of Rahm Emanuel’s administration.

Aaron has developed respect among organizers in Chicago, frequently showing up to cover the latest developments in movement struggles. He has a keen understanding of the issues facing poor, working class, and middle class Chicagoans, especially non-white residents on the west and south side who are consistently neglected by city officials.

He previously co-authored a report for Shadowproof on “Good Kids, Mad City,” a group of young black organizers mobilizing against gun violence and for investment in communities after the Parkland shooting.

Aaron’s work has also appeared in numerous publications, zines, and books. He’s been published by Time, Chicago Magazine, AlterNet, Truthout, In These Times, In Justice Today, and he was a regular contributor for the Chicagoist from 2009 to 2017 until it was shut down.

Please donate $10 or more to fund Aaron Cynic’s journalism and help us give a platform to grassroots voices working to shift power in Chicago.



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