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Beyond Prisons — Episode 26: John Gillespie Jr. (aka swim.)

Trigger Warning

Content includes discussion of suicide

John Gillespie Jr. (aka swim.) is an incoming PhD student in UC Irvine’s Comparative Literature program, a poet and a recording artist hailing from Newark, Delaware currently based in Orange County, California. His research interest are in Black suicide, the relationship between scientific development (specifically the Internet and Medicine) and anti-Black racism, as well as theories of Black aesthetics.

He recently released his first single entitled “Lo-Fi Suicides” which can be found anywhere from Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and more.

In addition to this, his written academic and creative work has been published in places like Propter Nos, Grub Street Literary Magazine, The Nation, and The Encyclopedia of Racism in American Film.

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Music: “Lo-Fi Suicides” by swim.

Beyond Prisons

Beyond Prisons

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