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Journalists Need More Opportunities For Reporting In This Terrible Media Economy

Do you appreciate Shadowproof journalism?

Want writers to be paid fairly and supported editorially when they tell an important story?

This is your chance to give back to reporters working in a difficult media economy, who are amplifying voices otherwise left out of the mainstream.

Support our membership drive by joining us today:

For as little as $3/month, you can help us ensure we have a freelance budget every month from which we can provide opportunities to writers.

For $5/month, we’ll send you a nice Shadowproof tote bag as a thank you gift.

And for $9/month or more, you can receive our special members-only newsletter with in-depth interviews featuring journalists and our arts and culture edition.

You can become a member on platforms like Patreon, PayPal, and Substack. And yes, we accept bitcoin, too!

Your donations empower tenacious journalists:

So far in 2018, we’ve published over a dozen pieces of freelance reporting from dedicated journalists throughout the country.

Your membership funds our budget for important stories on everything from how locals and activists resisted the Mountain Valley Pipeline to how corporations used savings from the Trump tax cuts to how the Border Patrol targets immigrant activists in Vermont.

The funds also help us cover travel and reporting expenses for important trips like Kevin Gosztola’s on-the-ground coverage of Reality Winner’s prosecution. Your support will help send Kevin to Georgia in the coming months to cover her sentencing hearing.

Finally, we pride ourselves on running a very efficient operation at Shadowproof. Your dues will cover what little overhead we do have, like our website server bill, to keep us online.

Join us for $3/month or more and support this month’s membership drive

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In solidarity,

Brian Sonenstein & Kevin Gosztola



Shadowproof is a press organization driven to expose systemic abuses of power in business and government while at the same time developing a model for independent journalism that supports a diverse range of young freelance writers and contributors. It is intrinsically committed to elevating voices from marginalized communities, as well as dissenting perspectives which deserve greater attention.