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Here Is The NDA That George Soros Forced Professional Anarchist To Sign

It was nearly six months ago that I came forward and revealed my role as a professional anarchist paid to protest President Donald Trump by George Soros. Upon revealing the truth, I immediately had to go into hiding and I sought out privacy tools that weren’t infiltrated by Soros and his followers.

But you, the people, deserve more truth. So in this second communique—which I must keep terribly brief or else the Sorosteurs may find me—I will publish a copy of the non-disclosure agreement that I was forced to sign.

Soros typically takes each signed NDA and keeps it in his possession. By all accounts, it is believed he chops them into pieces during a ceremonial ritual, lights them on fire, and then mixes their ashes into his special liberal socialist tea.

I, however, know special anarcho-espionage tricks that are unique to my profession. Soros did not count on my ability to outsmart him in this regard and so here it is, my comrades, an example of that which dark forces hope to remain concealed so we may not recognize the extent of our manipulation.

Emiliano Goodman

Emiliano Goodman