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Introducing A New Podcast On Incarceration: Beyond Prisons

Welcome to Beyond Prisons: a new podcast examining incarceration in America through an abolitionist lens.

In our first episode, hosts Kim Wilson and Brian Sonenstein introduce the idea behind the podcast, dissect and critique the current conversation around prison reform, and discuss the need for a broader vision for justice that should guide those efforts.

What is prison abolition and what would it mean to live in a world without prisons? What’s missing from current efforts to reform the criminal justice system? What kind of topics will this podcast cover? We tackle these questions and more in our first episode.

Going forward, we will conduct interviews and delve much deeper into the various issues we touch upon in this first episode. So, stay tuned!

Please listen, subscribe, and rate/review our podcast on iTunes.

Follow us on Twitter: @Beyond_Prison @phillyprof03 @bsonenstein

Music & Production: Jared Ware

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Brian Sonenstein

Brian Sonenstein

Publishing Editor at Shadowproof and columnist at Prison Protest.