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Around The Empire – Episode 8: The Neocons In The Trump Era Feat. Robbie Martin

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On this episode of Around The Empire, Dan and Joanne interview filmmaker Robbie Martin about the future of the neoconservatives now that the candidate they lined up against, Donald Trump, has become president.

Martin wrote, directed, and produced a comprehensive film series on the neocons titled A Very Heavy Agenda. The three-part series gives an extensive history of neonconservatism-both the ideas and the people who promoted the ideas.

With Donald Trump in the White House it would appear that the neocons are shutout of government, but are they really? Martin notes that some neoconservatism are trying to slither away from their previous positions on Trump in hopes of receiving his favor, with there already being some evidence that Trump is drifting away from his campaign positions on foreign policy.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.