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David Brock Calls Press ‘Animals’ And Pledges To Destroy Trump

In a recent interview, David Brock defiantly told Politico writer (and Podesta emails star) Glenn Thrush that any attempt to attribute Hillary Clinton’s loss to the candidate herself was a “Kellyanne Conway line,” in reference to President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

Brock went on to seemingly blame anything and anyone else he could think of including; FBI Director James Comey, Russia, “fake news,” millennials poisoned by Senator Bernie Sanders, sexism, and, of course, media bias against Clinton.

Revelations that the Clinton campaign under-invested in Wisconsin and Michigan are irrelevant, according to Brock. The real mistake occurred in 2015 when the campaign “allowed Hillary’s image to be publicly destroyed.”

Brock pointed the finger at the Clinton campaign press strategy in the aftermath of The New York Times’s promotion of the book “Clinton Cash,” by Peter Schweizer and stories on Hillary Clinton’s private email server. He claimed the campaign’s response to those stories should have been to “ice out” or deny access and cooperation to the Times.

Brock concluded Trump had the right idea and that in media relations it it is better to be feared than liked by the press, saying, “The press are animals and they have to be treated that way.”

He disclosed he raised $75 million in the 2016 cycle for his network of organizations, which was his goal.

Going forward, Brock plans to raise even more money to take on Trump. He said he met with donors on election night at Clinton’s campaign headquarters. Donors told him they were ready to contribute to efforts to bring down Trump.

Brock claimed he is currently developing a “road map” for his own groups as well as work outside his groups. Ironically, Brock intends to use money from wealthy donors to attack Trump for “setting up a kleptocracy.”

The primary goal, Brock said, is to “keep Trump unpopular.” Brock called Trump a “proto-fascist” and said he will use the super PAC, American Bridge, and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) to attack Trump.

A war room will be setup at American Bridge to vet Trump appointees that need to be Senate confirmed. The material will be given to the Senate and media. One of the group’s goals is to force Trump himself into a lawsuit, where he is subpoenaed and deposed under oath.

Brock said he already has enough money and legal support for what he cryptically calls “a fishing expedition” and will meet with donors in south Florida during the weekend of Trump’s inauguration.

He also is preparing a full lobbying effort, with help from Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein, to pressure Facebook and Reddit to “clean house” and purge right wing groups, which spread “fake news.”

Given the results of previous Brock-led operations, will Democratic donors fund these projects?

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.