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Neoconservative Michael Weiss Says He Knows More Than All The Generals About Syria

With the prospect of a true and unrepentant warmonger set to take the White House, neoconservatives are getting positively aroused by the thought of more US intervention in the Middle East.

Even with thousands dead from drone strikes, a “surge” in Afghanistan, and seven active wars, the Obama years have just not been bloody enough for some.

Take longtime neoconservative activist Michael Weiss. Weiss has been pushing for a war in Syria since he teamed up with disgraced non-PhD Elizabeth O’Bagy in 2013.

Weiss recently unleashed a Tweet storm and gave his considerably inexpert views on US military options in Syria and the need for regime change. In one tweet, Weiss claimed, “Hardly a risk of ‘open-ended’ conflict with Russia in Syria. Entire Russian deployment could be wiped out in 48 hrs by US. Putin knows it.”

Weiss has never served in the US military, let alone in a command or strategic capacity. Someone who has is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford, who testified before the Senate that a No Fly Zone would lead to an open-ended conflict. As he explained, “For us to control all of the air space in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.”

No one at the Pentagon or elsewhere has made a declaration that if such a war was waged it could be successfully completed “in 48 hours,” nor would they, as it is an abysmally stupid thing to claim. Weiss, like the neoconservatives before the Iraq War, is making ridiculous statements he likely knows are false in hopes of tricking the American people into supporting another belligerent folly abroad.

This is not out of character for Weiss, who was perhaps best defined by journalist Gary Brecher:

Michael Weiss is an idiot. No, I mean even by the standards of American punditry. Weiss has been writing Russia-baiting crap for years, stories with comic headlines like “Ireland Bows to Russia’s Intimidation.” When he’s not bashing Russia, Weiss’ job is gulping up some stinking, fishy gobs of CIA/Pentagon/Likud disinformation, then vomiting it back onto the pages of the [Daily] Beast like a dutiful penguin dad. Weiss never sees anything, or even tries to; he hears things, always whispered in his ear by some quasi-spook shill whose motives he never questions. And what he hears about Syria is the Russians are paving the way for an Islamic state.

It would be interesting to learn who fed this two day consequence-free war with Russia fishy gob to Weiss. Though it could be Weiss pulled that gob right out of his own ass.

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.