Delete Your Account – Episode 12: Combating Media Bias

"Bromance" by FolsomNatural on Flickr.

"Bromance" by FolsomNatural on Flickr.

On this episode, Roqayah and Kumars talk to Adam Johnson, a prolific media analyst and critic whose work can be found at FAIR, Alternet, and other outlets.

We talk about Adam’s work chronicling how mainstream media outlets essentially serve as PR firms for government and other powerful interests. Adam talks about the countless and often silly comparisons of Donald Trump to various enemies of the US, in a way that purposefully ignores similarities to other US politicians and foreign allies.

We discuss how censorship functions in a liberal democracy, where adversarial writers simply can’t find work at mainstream outlets, while true-believers in the status quo see their careers advance quickly. The gang also has a lot of fun in the bonus content which you won’t want to miss!

Follow Adam on twitter at @AdamJohnsonNYC.

While we don’t recommend listening, here is the “With Her” Hillary Clinton campaign podcast which inspired our cold open for this episode. Seriously though, don’t listen. It’s really painful. You’ve been warned.

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