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Terry McAuliffe Lets It Slip That Hillary Clinton Is Lying, Supports TPP

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has an honesty problem. She has been caught lying almost too many times to count. Because of her lies and shady conduct, Clinton is not trusted by a majority of Americans.

A CNN poll [PDF] conducted from July 22-24 this year shows that 68% of respondents say Hillary Clinton is not honest and trustworthy.

Enter Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who let it slip yesterday that former Secretary Clinton has been lying for months regarding her position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). McAuliffe, a longtime friend of the Clintons who served as a character witness for Hillary Clinton in a convention speech, told reporters that Clinton actually supported TPP and would do so as president, saying, “Listen, she was in support of it. There were specific things in it she wants fixed.”

McAuliffe was only confirming what many already believed: that Clinton was lying about opposing TPP and that she remains the free-trader she has been since NAFTA.

When Clinton, who helped negotiate the TPP trade deal, announced her opposition, President Obama famously rolled his eyes. The president of the Chamber of Commerce and major lobbyist for TPP Tom Donohue dismissed her opposition as phony and reassured Corporate America that Clinton will switch positions again after the election.

From the White House she served in, to her closest friends, no one believes Hillary Clinton really opposes TPP. They all believe she is lying to the American people (again).

Why Clinton would lie is not hard to understand. The trade deals she supported in the past have crippled American workers and TPP is incredibly unpopular within the Democratic Party. At the same time, Clinton is dependent on the corporations favoring TPP to fund her billion-dollar plus campaign. Of course, publicly saying you oppose TPP while your donors know you secretly favor it is the best of both positions, isn’t it?

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.