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Introducing ‘Sharp Edges’—A New Column at Shadowproof

Sharp Edges will introduce readers to stories from the margins—from the edges of complex and oft-ignored realities being faced head-on by communities that continue to resist, despite the tremendous obstacles in their way.

This column aims to cover everything from anti-Muslim hostility being perpetuated by national and international actors, and the role such hostility plays in the greater military industrial complex, to the usurpation of feminist voices by exploiters of the working class, and performative social justice impersonators.

The Islamophobia industry has such a foothold across the United States and Europe that candidates now freely debate Muslims as though they are a single homogenous entity. Muslims exist only as props when liberals highlight their favorite “moderates,” or when right wing factions and personalities hunger for the next war, when Muslims will be forced to pose as villains.

After the rise of Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist from Vermont, we’ve seen the resurgence of red-baiting as well as insipid posturing from a deluge of white bourgeois feminists, who have made it their life’s mission to erase swaths of people of color who adamantly refuse to support Hillary Clinton. Their self-serving adoption of social justice terminology and outright rejection of internationalism shows they have no desire to dismantle the system, and that they instead aspire to join the establishment class.

Exploring and engaging with the intense and multi-layered leftist history that has long existed in the United States, and across the world, will also be a part of this journey, because there can be no genuine examination of race, class, and gender without acknowledgement of leftist texts, figures, and movements, along with the conditions, which led to their existence.

“Sharp Edges” will be a project that both inspects and strikes at mainstream narratives. This is where the margin speaks back.

Roqayah Chamseddine

Roqayah Chamseddine

Roqayah Chamseddine is a Lebanese-American writer, published poet, and journalist, whose work can be found at