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Hamid Khan: The Surveillance-Industrial Complex In Everyday Life (VIDEO)

Hamid Khan appeared on the latest episode of The Laura Flanders Show to discuss the profound effects of the surveillance state in our every day lives:

When Los Angeles recently pledged to spend more on homelessness, did you think that meant spending more on police? We spoke to Hamid Khan in LA for this week’s show.

Khan is the director of Stop LAPD Spying Coalition. He also works with, among others, the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee RightsPolitical Research Associates and the Youth Justice Coalition.

Also in this episode, we meet the students that forced Columbia University to divest from private prisons. And Laura on US government spying on Black Lives Matter movement activists.

A full transcript of the interview is available at Truthout.

Kit OConnell

Kit OConnell

Kit O’Connell is a gonzo journalist and radical troublemaker from Austin, Texas. He is the Associate Editor and Community Manager of Shadowproof. Kit's investigative journalism has appeared in Truthout, MintPress News and