Republican Presidential Candidates: Musical Satire in Limericks (VIDEO)

Michael Norden sent along this clever musical parody of the Republican presidential candidates, using artwork from a cartoonist that was frequently featured at Firedoglake:

Republicans Trump, Fiorina, Carson, Bush, Cruz, and Rubio’s fatal flaws — satirized in music video by psychiatrist/author, Dr. Norden, singing limericks.

Cartoons and caricatures drawn by the famed DonkeyHotey generously allowed to be repurposed through a license from Creative Commons.

Dr. Norden is a psychiatrist who received his medical degree from Stanford and did pioneering work on Prozac and natural alternative treatments. He is the author of the bestselling “Beyond Prozac” (HarperCollins).

Norden also sent along this transcript of his limericks:

Donald Trump — Keeping up with “The Donald”

It’s attention “The Donald’s” still lusting
Like a dog on a leg he keeps thrusting
Always craving for more
Such a media whore
The Kardashians find it disgusting


Ted Cruz — Ted’s Excellent Trouser Globe Adventure

Ted Cruz has the Ivy League curse
Got an ego so big he might burst
So shameless a liar
His pants caught on fire
Global warming — perhaps at its worst!


Carly Fiorina — Leading Candidate for World’s Worst Non-imprisoned CEO

Carly’s lies’ show gargantuan gall
But she can’t help but blink through them all
Countless legions she’s fired
Seems her heart is hard-wired
Or maybe — two sizes too small


Marco Rubio – The Not Ready for Prime Time Player

Marco knows it’s not near his time
If ready’s a buck, he’s a dime
A high office he seeks
But he’s parched when he speaks
Perhaps he’d be best as a mime


Ben Carson: Remember when ‘Brain Surgeon’ Meant Smart?

Ben Carson has hardly a clue
Even doubts evolution is true
He’s a humble-brag guy
With an ego sky high
Who retired and needs something to do


Jeb Bush – Mother Knows Best

To run on their record is rough
Enduring two Bushes was tough
Jeb says, “Have another —
Just forget I’m his brother”
But his mom says, “enough is enough”

Kit OConnell

Kit OConnell

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