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Journalists Are Under Attack In Mexico (VIDEO)

The Mexican independent journalist Andalusia shared this video documentary, which she created in July, along with these comments:

A month ago I shared a mini-documentary we had just produced about assassinations of journalists in the state of Veracruz via Facebook (yes I finally caved in.)

Right away, photojournalist Ruben Espinosa shared it and we chatted briefly about the situation since he had just fled Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz, when he sensed that his life was being threatened. We spoke about the need for solidarity among journalists/people in general in difficult times like this and talked about meeting up.

The following afternoon he was brutally assassinated in an apartment in Mexico City along with Nadia Vera, an activist also exiled from Veracruz, her two roommates Yesenia Quiroz, Mile Virginia Martín and their housecleaner Alejandra Negrete. The message was clear and chilling — critical voices will be silenced at any cost, Mexico City is no longer a refuge for journalists fleeing violence and threats in their home states and women will not just be assassinated, but also tortured and raped.

The Intercept also covered the Espinosa killing and the crisis of journalist safety in Mexico last month:

According to Article 19, a press freedom organization, Espinosa’s family members had reported him missing Friday afternoon and “notified the authorities to instigate search protocols.” While Mexican officials have maintained that they are pursuing all lines of investigation in the case, the press freedom group criticized the government for not taking action sooner.

“The threats that Espinosa had suffered were public, and his murder happened because the authorities charged with protecting journalists in this country didn’t lift a finger for him,” Article 19 said in a statement.

“It is time for federal and local authorities to take action to combat the serious press freedom crisis facing Mexico,” added Carlos Lauría, the senior program coordinator for the Americas division of the Committee to Protect to Journalists, in a statement posted to the organization’s website.

No Safety for Journalists in Mexico

Thanks, Andalusia. Solidarity & wishes of safety from everyone at Shadowproof to you and all the rest of the journalists doing vital work in Mexico.



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