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Mnar Muhawesh On Genocide Against Muslims In The Middle East (VIDEO)

Last week, I concluded my series on genocide by asking, with at least 4 million Arabs killed by sanctions and modern Western wars, should we call it genocide against Muslims?

Yesterday, Watching the Hawks, a new program from RT, invited Mnar Muhawesh, the founder of MintPress News, where my report originally appeared, to discuss the genocidal body count in the Middle East.

In my article, I looked at the historical origins of the term and then asked whether it should be applied to our wars in the Middle East:

In the wars that followed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. not only killed millions, but systematically destroyed the infrastructure necessary for healthy, prosperous life in those countries, then used rebuilding efforts as opportunities for profit, rather than to benefit the occupied populations. To further add to the genocidal pattern of behavior, there is ample evidence of torture and persistent rumors of sexual assault from the aftermath of Iraq’s fall. It appears likely the U.S. has contributed to further destabilization and death in the region by supporting the rise of the self-declared Islamic State of Iraq and Syria by arming rebel groups on all sides of the conflict.

This genocidal fervor shows little sign of abating: you don’t need to go far on social media these days to find people advocating that Muslims be put in camps or even slaughtered wholesale, and justifying it with the weak and utterly racist excuses.

Kit OConnell

Kit OConnell

Kit O’Connell is a gonzo journalist and radical troublemaker from Austin, Texas. He is the Associate Editor and Community Manager of Shadowproof. Kit's investigative journalism has appeared in Truthout, MintPress News and