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FDL readers have been working collectively on a Citizen Journalism project to transcribe interviews relevant to Wikileaks, Adrian Lamo and Bradley Manning.  We will be updating the page as more become available.


Glenn Greenwald Interview of Adrian Lamo, 6-17-2010

Part 1, transcribed by bmull:

Lamo: “I contacted Army authorities through an intermediary late the day after [we first chatted], rather I got the ball rolling on that. I wanted to make sure we had the right team for the job, so I asked a friend of mine to find who at Army CID was good at this sort of investigation, who would handle it right and who would handle it sensitively.”

Part 2, transcribed by calamar:

Lamo: “I’ll bet you either ten bucks or a beer at a hacker conference that [Manning] doesn’t do more than six months.”

Other Audio:

CBC Radio Interview of Lamo with Tom Allen and Carol Off, 6-7-2010, transcribed by SteveNS and nedits

NPR interview of Kevin Poulsen, 6-7-2010, transcribed by DW

Risky Business interview of Lamo, 6-10-2010, transcribed by Cedar Park

CyberFrequencies Lamo interview, extended Audio, 8-16-2010, transcribed by Duncan

PBS News Hour interview of Kevin Poulsen, 12-8-2010


BBC Adrian Lamo Interview by Emily Maitlis, 7-30-2010

Lamo’s speech is notably slurred and he has trouble completing sentences.  Transcribed by JessicaS and Michele PDX.

CNN Lamo Interview by Drew Griffin, 7-30-2010

Lamo says Manning leaked to him “information related to ongoing classified counter intelligence operations.”

John Draper interview of  Lamo at The Next Hope Conference, 7-18-2010

  • Part 1, transcribed by nedits & sagesse
  • Part 2, transcribed by ET
  • Part 3, transcribed by nedits & sagesse
  • Part 4, transcribed by MichelePDX

Lamo tells Draper that “Manning had access to a special server that basically jumped the information…that he submitted to the front of the queue. So, so that when he submitted information Assange would know that ‘Hey, we have something new from this guy.'” (Pt 3)

CyberFrequencies Lamo interview with Queena Kim and  Tanya Jo Miller, 8-16-2010

“When this story first broke, [Assange] sent me an e-mail  essentially trying to induce me to lie about my motives and about how the events had taken place,” says Lamo.  Transcribed by sagesse.

Lamo at Informants Panel, Next Hope Conference,  7-18-2010

Lamo: “I wish that I still had the full logs, minus the classified sections. I don’t.” (Pt 4)