A term I created in the Jun 21, 2010 post “Obama admin to extend FMLA to gay employees using new interpretation of existing law (w/poll)“:

What does this mean? I think I’m going to start calling these Obama administration baby steps for equality “Cinderella Crumbs” — a shiny, beautiful, breathtaking accomplishment that turns into a pumpkin at midnight — in this case, whenever a future homophobic president decides to rescind the baby step.

The Family Medical Leave Act has been in place for since 1993, and it mandates that workers are able to take up to 12 weeks of leave (unpaid) to take care of family members or themselves, and it most commonly is used for health matters, child/parental care or maternity/adoptive leave, and the latter was only offered to heterosexual couples. Note that this leak comes just before tomorrow’s WH Pride reception; clearly this will be the centerpiece announcement – the Cinderella Crumb for 2010.

President Barack Obama and his administration have slowly rolled out policies to help gays and lesbians, who supported his candidacy but have soured on what they consider his slow pace in making incremental instead of wholesale changes. He planned to meet with gay activists Tuesday at the White House, the second time such a reception has been held at the executive mansion.

This FMLA gain is not permanent and doesn’t involve Congress — and that’s on purpose. This White House has shown it cannot or will not get behind its own promises made during the campaign and use the bully pulpit to make the big ticket items happen. It’s not about having a full plate — we’ve seen the disgusting DOMA brief, the endless DADT dance and power-grab by the Pentagon — it’s clear this President doesn’t have civil rights as the cornerstone of his first term and thus urge Congress that this cannot wait. LBJ knew how to push an agenda during a full plate era; the excuses are getting tired. So out it trots this change in “interpretation” of FMLA as it stands.

In other words, executive actions by the President that are “policy changes” or recommendations to agencies to broaden its interpretation of a policy or mission to be inclusive of LGBTs.

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Below the fold are examples of Cinderella Crumbs doled out by the administration and pimped by the DNC’s Andrew Tobias.