12 May 2015

In First Interview, CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Says Congressional Staffer Urged Him to Flee

In his first interview since he was charged with leaking details of a botched CIA operation to New York Times reporter James Risen, CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling says that he had a meeting with a staffer for Congressman William Lacy Clay and was urged to flee the United States. Sterling,

11 May 2015

Hersh Tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo ‘Not Out on Limb’ with bin Laden Story

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh appeared on CNN’s “New Day” this morning and host Chris Cuomo had Hersh defend his major story in the London Review of Books on lies President Barack Obama’s administration reportedly told about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Hersh told Cuomo he was not “out on

07 Jul 2014

Blackwater Founder Erik Prince To Advise Chinese Firms In Africa

Former Navy SEAL and Blackwater founder Erik Prince has a new security venture: helping Chinese firms to “take the drama out of Africa.”

20 Aug 2013

Buju Banton’s Very Controversial Homophobic Song “Boom Bye Bye”

After all of the criticism and controversy over “Boom Bye Bye,” Buju Banton has never distanced himself from the “kill LGBT” message of the song.

26 Nov 2012

Bimbo Gold Diggers In Slutty Outfits

Who could believe that less than three weeks ago, the Bimbo Gold Digger Twins of
Tampa Bay, were respected members of society. They had organized charities, and
parties with the highest ranking war commanders of CENTCOM They socialized and
laisoned with all the best people including the mayors, governors, on multiple occasions.

One Twin was “decorated” with a medal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military leaders of the USA. General Petraeus himself, presented the medal to Jill, for her Parties And Laisons Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty. All the Generals, Admirals, Military Contractors and Politicians, that the Twins seduced have some explaining to do. Hurricane Jill and Hurricane Natalie have left a trail of devastation and destruction, as they hosted and laisoned with all branches of government.

05 Aug 2012

Gore Vidal on the ‘National Security State’ of America

Gore Vidal gives a brilliant description of the cultural post-World War II climate that created the conditions where the powerful could pass the National Security Act. He says, “A novelty, television, had begun to appear in household after household, its cold, gray, distorting eye relentlessly projecting a fun house view of the world.” This is all a setup for why the powerful in the country felt they needed to launch a Cold War.

06 Jul 2012

Beenie Man’s History of Hate

Jamaican dancehall artist Beenie Man has had a long career of writing and performing songs that call for LGBT people to be killed. It looks like his career as a homophobe goes back to 1994 and the song “Bomb and Dynamite.” Along with a number of Jamaican dancehall performers, Beenie

25 May 2011

Documentary on Early U.S. Radiation Experiments on Black Children In Lyles Station, Indiana

A 2009 documentary tells the story of early radiation experiments conducted in 1927 on black children at Lyles Station, Indiana.

25 Mar 2011

Video: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Booed, Heckled at Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Commemoration

The pro-labor crowd loudly booed and heckled Mayor Michael Bloomberg from start to finish at the Triangle Shirtwaist fire commemoration.

26 Jan 2010

Rahm Emanuel Says Liberals Are ‘Fucking Retarded’

From the Wall Street Journal: “F—ing retarded,” Mr. Emanuel scolded the group, according to several participants. He warned them not to alienate lawmakers whose votes would be needed on health care and other top legislative items.