Syrian Arab Red Crescent Relief Distribution (by IFRC)
09 Mar 2016

Humanitarian Aid Delivered to 240,000 in Besieged Syrian Towns. Six Areas Not Yet Reached.

Next Cold War Roundup 3/9/16 Syrian peace talks are expected to resume on Monday, though delegates have begun to arrive in Geneva already.  240,000 people in besieged areas have received humanitarian aid and aid workers are still working to get access to six more areas.  VP Joe Biden is visiting

ISIS fighters in Anbar Province By Islamic State (IS) via Wikipedia
07 Mar 2016

Violence and Death Sharply Decreased in Syria, Problems for ISIS in Raqqa

Next Cold War Roundup 3/7/16 There are widespread reports that the truce in Syria has produced a massive decrease in violence and death. Broader peace talks are scheduled for March 9 but the Syrian opposition are still undecided.  The battle for Mosul is starting and there are reports from Raqqa

Flags of al Nusra (al Qaeda), Turkey and ISIS
04 Mar 2016

Extraordinary Interview With Jaish al-Thuwar Officer and Report From Syria-Turkey Border

Next Cold War Roundup 3/4/16 The Syrian ceasefire continues to mostly hold. A US carrier strike group has moved into the South China Sea. A follow up meeting was held on the Minsk agreement with no breakthroughs while fighting on the front line in Ukraine increases.  An RT journalist traveled

Civilians in Misrata, Libya. June, 2011 (by UNHCR/H. Caux)
02 Mar 2016

Escalation in Libya and Iraq; Syrian War May Expand to Lebanon

Next Cold War Roundup 3/2/16 The US military is escalating their role in Iraq and Libya.  Saudis are threatening to destabilize Lebanon and open a new front in the Syrian war on its border with northern Lebanon by arming Sunni proxies there.  Turkey is on shaky ground with its NATO

Muraidi Market, Sadr City, Baghdad, 2005 (By CPT photo, CC BY-SA 3.0)
29 Feb 2016

ISIS Suicide Attacks in Baghdad, Syria Ceasefire Mostly Holds, Opposition Threatens Withdrawal

Next Cold War Roundup 2/29/16 Iraq _ ISIS suicide attacks in Sadr City, a Shi’ite district of Baghdad killed at least 70 people on Sunday. 112 people remain in hospital. The attacks were deliberately aimed at civilians in markets. “The market bombings in Sadr City were the deadliest attack in

Pres. Obama and Sec. of State Kerry at State Dept. Russian Pres. Putin in a TV Address. February, 2016 (Photos by State Dept, Kremlin)
26 Feb 2016

Obama’s Tone Skeptical, Putin’s Optimistic, Kerry’s Threatening on Syria Truce That Begins Today

Next Cold War Roundup 2/26/16 The Cessation of Hostilities in Syria is scheduled to begin today at 5pm Eastern (Feb 27 00:00 Damascus time).  There was a significant contrast between the words and tones of Pres. Obama and Pres. Putin in their delivered messages to their respective countries on the ceasefire

Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missile (by US Army)
24 Feb 2016

Javelin Missiles on the Syrian Battlefield, CENTCOM and State Deny Provision

Next Cold War Roundup 2/24/16 Javelin Missiles Show Up on Battlefield in Syria _ Just as a cessation of hostilities agreement is being implemented, Javelin anti-tank guided missiles are showing up on the battlefield in Syria, in the hands of YPG Kurds in Shaddadi, in the Hasakah region.  Many US-backed

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir and Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon at Munich Security Conference, February, 2016 (Photos by Munich Sec Conf)
22 Feb 2016

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel Agitate For More American Involvement

Next Cold War 2/22/16 Saber Rattling Saudi FM Tells Der Spiegel Saudis Want Syrian Rebels MANPADs. _ “In an interview, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir expresses his continued support for regime change in Syria and his desire for rebels to be supplied with anti-aircraft missiles that could shift the balance

Russian air force airdrops humanitarian aid in Deir Ez-Zour (photo by Russian Ministry of Defense)
19 Feb 2016

United States, Russia, Agencies Coordinate Syria Humanitarian Aid

Next Cold War 2/19/16 Last week’s deal by the International Syrian Support Group (ISSG) in which they agreed to work to expedite aid to besieged areas of Syria and work on a cessation of hostilities succeeded in getting more aid trucks and an arrangement for airdrops but the group struggles

President Obama in the Oval Office During an Intelligence Briefing (by White House)
17 Feb 2016

Obama ASEAN Comments Signal Return to Regime Change Policy in Syria

Next Cold War Roundup 2/17/16 Obama’s Harsh Remarks for Russia _ At the ASEAN conference, Obama received questions about recent advances by the Syria-Russia coalition.  His position sounds very much like a return to the aggressive, neocon + interventionist blend that had been toned down in the past month or