U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington on July 20, 2016. [StateDept/ Public Domain]
22 Jul 2016

Turkey’s Foreign Policy Pivot; US Simultaneously Plans For War And Rapprochement

Russia and the US are working on a plan for military cooperation in Syria and negotiations for the Middle East and Ukraine while the war party rolls out plans for war and undermining the Iran deal.

NATO Warsaw Summit. July, 2016 (by NATO)
13 Jul 2016

Nuclear Brinkmanship With Russia And Drumbeat For War With Iran

Various foreign policy realists in the US believe that the communique issued by NATO at their Warsaw Summit is like a declaration of war against Russia.

NATO Warsaw Summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and US President Barack Obama. July, 2016 (by NATO)
08 Jul 2016

At Warsaw Summit, NATO Takes Control of Nukes. Putin: “This is Not a Defense System”

Next Cold War Roundup 7/8/16 The highly contentious NATO Summit in Warsaw begins today with ceremony, bilateral meetings and expert forums. The national stadium in Warsaw will be used as a venue. The main topics will be the “triple threat” of Russia, Brexit and the problems in the southern NATO

Free Syrian Army Division 16 in June, 2016 (from Division 16 Youtube channel)
05 Jul 2016

Amnesty Reported War Crimes by Syrian Rebels Backed by US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey

Amnesty International published an extensive report of war crimes by Syrian rebels in Aleppo and Idlib, backed by the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey.

Hillary Clinton, "Major Kong" (film "Dr. Strangelove"), and Gen. Philip Breedlove (wikimedia)
01 Jul 2016

US-Russia Deal on Syria, Clinton Markets Military Option, Breedlove: ‘POTUS Sees Us as a Threat’

Next Cold War Roundup 7/1/16 There is a flurry of reports about a deal the US offered Russia on the Syrian war where the two would cooperate militarily against al Qaeda and the Russian and Syrian air force would stand down against other rebels, and if the deal is taken,

Center for a New American Security Chief Executive Officer Michèle Flournoy and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, June 20, 2016. (by Adrian Cadiz/Dept. Defense)
28 Jun 2016

US May Be Using NYT and Al Jazeera to Pressure Jordan on Military Intervention in Syria

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USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74), left, and USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) conduct dual aircraft carrier strike group operations in the Philippine Sea. (by Jake Greenberg / US Navy)
21 Jun 2016

Two Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups in Philippines; Kerry Supports Military Intervention Proposal for Syria

John Kerry supports the State Dept. dissent memo calling for US military intervention against the Assad government, and more in our Next Cold War round-up.

A U.S. Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey approaches the flight deck of the USS Boxer. October, 2015 (by Cpl. Briauna Birl, USMC)
17 Jun 2016

Marines Begin ISIS Airstrikes As 51 State Dept. Hawks Urge Military Intervention in Syria

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NATO Summit 2013 (by NATO)
14 Jun 2016

NATO Commitments Escalate, US Responsible For Security Of 60% Of Planet

Cold War and post-Cold War alliances and commitments forged since World War II have resulted in US security responsibilities becoming grossly overextended.

USS Harry S. Truman conducts flight operations in Eastern Mediterranean for first time since 2003 (by Bobby J Siens/USNavy)
08 Jun 2016

First US Fighter Jets in Eastern Mediterranean Since 2003; Largest Ever NATO Exercise in Poland

US Navy fighters are bombing ISIS in Syria via the USS Truman, which has moved to the Mediterranean.