President Obama and First Lady with Saudi King Salman and Saudi Royal Family Members Jan 2015
15 Jan 2016

Saudi Royal Unrest As Iran Sanctions End And Oil Prices Drop

Next Cold War Roundup 1/15/16 Saudi King May Abdicate to Son, Prince Reckless _ An report from 13 Jan. Institute For Gulf Affairs article says “Saudi King Salman Al-Saud plans to abdicate his throne and install his son Mohammed as king, multiple highly-placed sources told the Institute for Gulf Affairs.”

Turkey Pres. Erdogan in Washington in May, 2013 with VP and Dr. Biden, Sec State Kerry (DoD)
13 Jan 2016

Heat on Erdogan for Attacks on Kurds and Support of Extremists

Next Cold War Roundup 1/13/16 _ Turkey’s president Erdogan is under massive pressure.  In the week leading up to yesterday’s Istanbul suicide bombing,  a wave of media reports on Erdogan’s brutality against Kurds, lack of allies and destabilization he was causing was in motion. A Google News search reveals a

"Stinger Missile". (Licensed under Public Domain via Commons)
06 Jan 2016

ISIS, Syrian rebels, and Stinger MANPAD Missiles

Next Cold War Roundup 1/6/16 ISIS, Syrian rebels and Stinger MANPAD Missiles _ SkyNews claims to have received video from “Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters who took it from a captured Isis trainer in Turkey” shows ISIS modifying inoperable Stinger missiles from old Iraqi army stockpiles, replacing thermal batteries, a process

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Libyan National Security Adviser Mutassim Gaddafi in 2009 (StateDept)
06 Jan 2016

Emails Show Hillary Clinton Briefed On Crimes Of Libyan Rebels

Next Cold War Roundup 1/8/16 Libya _ Thank goodness someone reads email news dumps slipped in on holidays. In this case it was the excellent investigative journalist, Brad Hoff. The New Year’s Eve release of Hillary Clinton emails now show that she was “getting personally briefed on the battlefield crimes”

Syria Conflict Map 3 Jan 2016 (by deSyracuse)
04 Jan 2016

With ISIS In Retreat Saudi Arabia Launches New Shia Provocation

Next Cold War 1/4/16 The R4+1 alliance of Russia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah, plus other militias, national defense forces and various other allies have been making progress in almost every direction. The map above shows the significant territorial gains in the past month. The Syria peace negotiations continue and

US Air Force deliver fuel to coalition bases in Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve
30 Dec 2015

Conflicting Stories On What Really Happened In Ramadi

Next Cold War Roundup 12/30/15 Ramadi, Iraq _ More details are coming out about how Ramadi was reclaimed by Iraqi forces and US coalition.  The reports coming from the US  and the reports coming from Iraqi government sources are very different. _ More than one source reports that ISIS mainly

Qalat Najm Castle on Right Bank of Euphrates and Waters of Tishrin Dam
28 Dec 2015

Forces Backed by America and Russia Make Progress Against ISIS

Next Cold War Roundup 12/28/15   Kurds and New Syrian Democratic Forces Coalition Seize Tishrin Dam, Cross Erdogan’s Red Line (The Euphrates River), Poised to Cut ISIS Supply Lines _ The US-backed coalition, Syrian Democratic Forces, have seized the strategic Tishrin dam on the Euphrates  river, south of Kobane.  The

President Obama and First Lady with Saudi King Salman and Saudi Royal Family Members Jan 2015
09 Dec 2015

Germany Calls Out Saudi Arabia for Fostering Extremism

Next Cold War Roundup 12-9-15 M/W/F 10ish Eastern. Syria Talks _ Continuation of Vienna talks on Syria will be held in New York on Dec. 18 _ There’s a jihadi meet-up in Riyadh this week. Al Qaeda is not technically attending but some of their partners are. The Kurds, according to this article, are not

Turkish armed forces (photo from Turkey Ministry of Defence site)
07 Dec 2015

Iraqi Govt Issued Ultimatum for Turkish Troops to Leave Mosul, Russian Air Force in Vicinity

Iraqi Govt Issued Ultimatum for Turkish Troops to Leave Mosul, Russian Air Force in Vicinity. Next Cold War Roundup.

04 Dec 2015

US Coalition Grows, Russia Opens Two New Bases in Syria

Next Cold War Roundup: Iraq’s Prime Minister says he doesn’t want Western troops, but it looks like he’ll be getting them soon anyway.