09 Feb 2015

Working Families Party Votes To Urge Elizabeth Warren To Run For President

The Working Families Party of New York voted to encourage Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to enter the 2016 race for president.

13 Oct 2014

Elizabeth Warren Says Obama Administration ‘Protected Wall Street Not Families’

Senator Elizabeth Warren condemned the Obama Administration for perpetually siding with Wall Street instead of Wall Street’s victims.

11 Jun 2014

Why Did Elizabeth Warren Pick a “Pay For” That Would Never Pass for Student Loan Reform Bill?

Somehow Elizabeth Warren’s Student Loan reform bill feels like a similar political stunt that was never meant to actually pass.

04 Feb 2014

Elizabeth Warren Wants A Public Option For Banking By Using The Post Office

Senator Elizabeth Warren is proposing post office banking as an alternative financial service for the working class that doesn’t involve loan sharks.

09 Dec 2013

Third Way’s Attack On Elizabeth Warren Prompted By Calls For Expanding Social Security

Centrist think tank Third Way launched an attack on Elizabeth Warren over her support for a plan to expand Social Security benefits.

04 Dec 2013

Elizabeth Warren Responds To Third Way Attack By Asking Wall Street To Disclose Ties

In a letter to Wall Street CEOs behind the 2008 financial crisis, Elizabeth Warren asks that they disclose their connections to think tanks like Third Way.

04 Dec 2013

Third Way Returns To Attack Elizabeth Warren And Bill de Blasio

Third Way’s Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler have some sage advice following criticism from Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio.

19 Nov 2013

Elizabeth Warren Pushes For Expanding Social Security

Senator Elizabeth Warren responded to cynical attempts by the 1% and their media institutions to pit the 99% against each other by taking to the Senate floor and calling for an expansion of Social Security. She denounced attempts by groups like Fix the Debt and their fellow travelers in The

13 Nov 2013

Is 2016 Elizabeth Warren’s Year To Run For President?

This week has seen a flurry of stories on Senator Elizabeth Warren as a possible presidential candidate in the 2016 campaign.

31 Jan 2013

Elizabeth Warren Demands Mortgage Settlement Documents From Regulators

Elizabeth Warren is demanding answers from Wall Street’s regulators. The senator asked for documents relating to the recent mortgage settlement.