Bernie Sanders (Creative Commons Photo by Benjamin Kerensa)
20 Feb 2016

Bernie Sanders Is Rarely Disloyal to Democrats

On a few recent occasions, Senator Sanders has been instrumental in securing important political victories for the White House at the public’s expense.

Hillary Clinton gives a speech to supporters after conceding to Bernie Sanders [Hooksett New Hampshire, USA] (Ted Eytan on Flickr)
19 Feb 2016

Clinton Defends Withholding Transcripts, Tells Dishonest Wall Street Story During Town Hall

Last night in Nevada, the two remaining candidates to be the Democratic Party’s 2016 nominee participated in a town hall ahead of this weekend’s caucus. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced more questions concerning the $2.9 million she personally made in Wall Street speaking fees. One member of the

Bernie Sanders Rally In Denver, Colorado (Hans Watson on Flickr)
16 Feb 2016

Why A Vote For Sanders Is Not—And Never Will Be—A Vote for Trump

Anyone who uses their platform to lob spoiler arguments is engaged in a poisonous act to delude citizens, who are willing to vote their conscience.

15 Feb 2016

Hillary Clinton Claims To Oppose Breaking Up The Banks Because Racism

Hillary Clinton asked a crowd, “If we broke up the big banks tomorrow, would that end racism? Would that end sexism?”

13 Feb 2016

Despite Anti-War Claims, Sanders Endorses President Obama’s Foreign Policy

Appearing on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation,’ Sanders praised Obama’s expansive military policy while condemning Clinton for her support of foreign wars.

12 Feb 2016

Why Not Being Friends With A War Criminal Like Henry Kissinger Matters

While questioning the US’s history of meddling in other governments, Sanders denounced Clinton for taking advice from Henry Kissinger.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and Hillary Clinton
12 Feb 2016

Has The Congressional Black Caucus Become A Corporate Front?

Many progressives were stunned when a PAC associated with the Congressional Black Caucus endorsed Hillary Clinton.

10 Feb 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Record With African-Americans Gets Closer Scrutiny

Hoping to recover a major loss in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton is touting her support for black lives. Her political history tells a different story

08 Feb 2016

Elizabeth Warren: Hillary Clinton Sold Out To Wall Street

Hillary Clinton is under fire from a 2004 video in which Elizabeth Warren told Bill Moyers that Wall Street controlled Clinton’s policies on bankruptcy law.

07 Feb 2016

The Establishment’s Escalating Pressure on Women to Support Hillary Clinton

There is a sexist double standard, establishment columnists insist. Hillary Clinton can never yell about political revolution because she is a woman. Madeleine Albright wields one of her favorite lines and declares there is a “special place in hell” for women who do not help elect Clinton. Feminist icon Gloria