16 Jan 2017

Trump’s Chief Of Staff Promises To Keep Entitlements But Obamacare Plan Unknown

President-elect Donald Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus says there are no plans to cut Social Security or Medicare. This was Trump’s position throughout the Republican primaries and general election. But Priebus was less blunt on whether the expansion of Medicaid brought by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) would

"Obama at Healthcare rally at UMD." Photo by Daniel Borman (dborman2) on Flickr.
05 Jan 2017

How Two Constraints Made Obamacare A Political Disaster

To understand how the Affordable Care Act never became popular, we need to understand two artificial constraints imposed by Obama that doomed it.

Center For American Progress President Neera Tanden speaks at a meeting of the Democratic Party Platform Committee.
28 Jun 2016

Clinton Democrats Claim To Support Health Care As A Right, But Oppose Universal Healthcare In Platform

Clinton Democrats favored a platform amendment that reinforced the idea that health care is a right but had no specific goals for how to fight for that right.